Anyone who uses graphic tablets will probably associate them with Wacom. In fact, there are hardly any other brand of graphic tablets that are as well-known as Wacom.

ViewSonic is probably most well known for their monitors, and they’re releasing a 32-Inch touch-sensitive screen to rival any Wacom Cintiq.

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Gesture control is abundant nowadays, as with the Leap Motion and yet more Kinect rivals are cropping up.

Another Kinect contender rushes into the fray with SoftKinetic‘s DephSense 325.

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There have been many styli developed for both iPads and android tablets alike, but so far there have been only a limited selection in the market with pressure sensors.

For the artists who want a cheaper way to using their tablet like a portable Wacom tablet with a screen, the PressurePen is your solution.

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Gesture control has been around for quite some time, the best examples being the Wii and the Kinect, or even the PlayStation Move. It always looks cool to be able to control something on-screen with just the flick of a wrist, or the wave of a hand.

The problem with these existing controls are that they only work with their own closed systems. Now, a San Francisco startup called Leap Motion aims to create better and more sensitive gesture control that will beat even the Kinect out of the water.

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Wallpaper Helps You Deter WiFi Thieves

15 May 2012 In: Others

WiFi networks are prevalent everywhere, nowadays with less people wanting the hassle of tethered Internet. Many wireless devices require WiFi or 3G to connect to the Internet.

What is most annoying about having WiFi is the people who will try to piggyback on your open network or try to hack your password. With this coated wallpaper however, you will never have to worry about freeloaders ever again. Unless of course, they are inside your own house.

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Vending machines are great for convinience, and automatic payment has become much easier with barcode technology such as QR codes and RFID tags.

Putting the two together, a Colorado-based company known as ShelfX is putting the technology to good use, with its new Vending Fridge.

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The water and electronics go together like fire and ice, they are foes to be forever separated. Keeping our electronics away from water is the best way to avoid any catastrophes, but accidents do happen. Ever dropped your phone into a puddle? Or worse into the pool, or the sea?

This is why Daikin Industries is developing a new coating, for the use on circuit boards of mobile phones. Not only is the coating water-resistant and also moisture-resistant, it is also environmentally friendly.

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Biometric scanners are becoming prevalent in our everyday lives. With current implementations such as facial recognition and the all time favourite fingerprint scan, it’s a small wonder biometric scans are now to be used at ATMs in Japan.

Starting September of this year, Japan’s Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will be putting in these new ATMs, developed by Fujitsu, at 10 branches, a drive-through ATM and two mobile banks. Customer authentication with the machines only require their palm print, birthdate and four-digit PIN, with no cards required.

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Playing games on touchscreen devices is nothing new, with smartphones nowadays having millions of game applications. Controlling your games would of course be through the use of the touchscreen, but the most irritating thing about using the touchscreen as a controller in smaller devices is the fact that you are blocking part of the screen.

Keio University has come up with a little add-on that will put an end to your troubles, if you just don’t like obstructing the screen with your fingers.

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Imagine having been in an accident, and having been rendered paralyzed from the waist down. Adapting to a wheelchair is difficult enough, and when you think of how limited the world actually is for a paraplegic, it would certainly make you wonder why this type of mobilisation decice hasn’t been invented previously.

Looking at the man in the video, it looks like he’s only riding a segway, but on closer inspection, Yusuf Akturkoglu is actually a paraplegic mobilized the Tec Robodic Mobilization Device.

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