Laptop detectors: Truth or Myth?

4 Jan 2013 In: Security

The Internet is abuzz with talk of laptop detectors which are used by thieves to target vehicles with laptops in them. These laptop detectors are devices that can somehow detect the presence of laptops in vehicles, even in the trunk. Is it true?
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Keyboards are usually run-of-the-mill and boring, but we have seen some innovations that are changing the way we make our favorite text input devices.

We’ve seen the modular keyboard and washable keyboard, and to add to this list, design company Orée have come up with a beautiful handcrafted keyboard that exudes style like no other.

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Augmented reality is high on Google’s to-do list with Project Glass among other things. To add to the list, Google’s Niantic Labs have come up with a pretty nifty map-based MMORPG for your android phone.

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Customise your Keys with Modular Keyboard

23 Nov 2012 In: Gadgets

Keyboards are essential for fast word processing and I am sure we are all familliar with our favourite qwerty keyboards. Familiarity with the location of the keys is needed for fast typing, but maybe this puzzle keyboard is what you need for maximum ease.

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Samsung is most well known now for their line of electronics, especially so for their mobile phones with their release of the Galaxy SIII.

Along with that unveiling comes the S Health, that has now launched in Samsung’s home country and subsequently in the UK as well.

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The humble pen is one of our most useful inventions, but in this digital age, it seems like this tool has been put to the wayside.

Livescribe is trying to turn this around by putting out their Sky WiFi Smartpen that allows you to record your written notes and audio into your Evernote account through WiFi.

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The humble light bulb has lighted our world for as long as its creation, providing light to our darkest corners. Every once in a while, this little invention gets a revamp, pinning new ideas to an old device.

This time, with the addition of  Bluetooth 4.0, you’ll be able to control the light bulbs with your a smartphone.

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Advertisements today have to be either very well placed or very interesting to have proper appeal on the masses. Most print advertisements go ignored by readers and of course advertisers are always coming up with new ways to capture audiences.

None more can be said about CW Network‘s live twitter feed in Entertainment Weekly magazine and Lexus‘s animated ad in Sports Illustrated magazine.

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Hand held torchlights and lanterns are useful where you need to shine some light during an emergency, such as a power outage, but these are only as useful as the length of their battery life.

In a category all of its own, Japan’s Green House Co. Ltd. has come up with a lantern that runs solely on salt water. What’s even better, the device also doubles as a USB charger.

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Keyboards are essential in everyday computing, whether it’s for typing a URL, a blog post or an IM message. Although there are other methods of text input in computers today, I believe most will agree with me when I say that the keyboard is still the fastest way to input text into your computer.

When working though, our electronics should be always be kept far away from liquids, but with Logitech’s keyboard all your worries of spillage can be put to rest with their K310 washable keyboard.

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