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Graphic & Web Design Resources

9Jul2010 Filed under: Web design and programming

Ever have the need for resources, be it images, textures, vectors or brushes, but can never seem to find them for free? If you’re a web or graphic designer, you’ll certainly need these tools… well, here are some reliable resources that are absolutely free. For the artist or 3D modeler who is in need of […]

Gamer Font with a Difference

12Jun2010 Filed under: Web design and programming

For those of you web & graphic designers who want something different, there‚Äôs a unique font for you to use. To fulfill the needs of those font loving gamers out there, designer Varun Vachhar has created the Console Font. Each and every letter of the font set is designed stylistically based on a host of […]

Fonts and Typography

27May2009 Filed under: Computing, Web design and programming

Little attention is being paid to fonts. Apple recognized the importance of having beautiful typography, which is why aesthetics play an important part of their product design cycle. Nowadays, people are starting to realize how fonts are important to generate quality in their work and have started to pay more attention to proper font selection. […]

What Is Favicon? Ever been to a website and notice there is a small icon embedded next to the site’s URL? For example, here in Kongtechnology.com’s address bar, you will notice a King Kong been trapped inside a square box. Pretty neat huh? This is called favicon, a short term referring to “Favourite Icon”. What […]

Using Access Database on IIS7

30Apr2009 Filed under: Web design and programming

Although PHP is a very much preferred programming language on the web now, especially on open source applications, but we must not forget Microsoft IIS. I was doing a web project for a client when I realized their server is running on Microsoft Windows and obviously their application server is running on IIS. I had […]

Beautiful pop-up window

29Oct2008 Filed under: Web design and programming

When you think of pop-up windows, you may laugh at me because making a link open a new window is one of the easiest things you can do with HTML. In the old days, we simply put a “target=xxxx” tag to create a pop-up window. This can be done in almost an instant, but undeniably […]

I have recently updated our Colorful WordPress Theme. It now features a larger page width so that you can display more content without the need to scroll down. I also realize that more and more users are using higher resolution and wider screens. The vertical scrolling frame has been removed and everything appears in a […]

Smooth anchor links

16Jul2008 Filed under: Web design and programming

This post should be useful for designers or webmasters, but it should be informational for all readers too I guess. We will talk about “smooth anchor links”. Anchor links, are links which send you directly to the line you marked on a web page. This is used to jump within the same page and is […]

WordPress is a very powerful content management system, which is specifically designed as a blogging platform. You can use WordPress as what it’s designed for, a blog, or customize it into a full fledge CMS website with the help of nothing but freely available plugins. However what’s more common is perhaps you are installing WordPress […]

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It has always been a pleasure for me to introduce good freebies to my readers. Today, I am going to show you not one, but two websites where you can download and use thousands of free icons. The first icons website is Iconfinder.net. The search feature is very intuitive as it incorporates AJAX. The moment […]

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