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With the release of RC1 for Windows 7 recently, many people have had the pleasure of experiencing the latest from Microsoft. After the awful experience of Vista, Win 7 is a refreshing update that looks a lot like Vista, but has been tweaked to be a lot more responsive and error proof. The first thing […]

I stumbled upon these two extensions for Firefox a couple of days ago and it is one of the more interesting add-on to change the way you think of browsing. It turns tabs to a tree format and allows you to have breadcrumbs in your URL. Tree Style Tab Tree-style UI has been prominently used […]

I’m a big fan of replacing stock Windows apps, Paint, Print Screen, Calculator, Notepad and others. There isn’t a thing in Windows that somebody else haven’t done better and offered it for free. In fact, somebody should do a collection of free alternative to native Windows programs. In fact, I believe somebody have already done […]

Today we are going to look at two tools, which will hopefully be a part of your computer’s toolkit; one will tackle the problem of malware and the other will be tasked to ensure your computer software is kept up to date. Malwarebytes Anti Malware Malwarebytes is a lesser-known company, which makes a good anti-malware […]

Polaris is a desktop application, which pulls data from your Google Analytics account and displays them in a simple, clean interface giving you quick access to all your stats in an aesthetically pleasing interface. Granted, the data displayed can always be found just by logging on to Google’s website, but this method allows you to […]

What Is Favicon? Ever been to a website and notice there is a small icon embedded next to the site’s URL? For example, here in’s address bar, you will notice a King Kong been trapped inside a square box. Pretty neat huh? This is called favicon, a short term referring to “Favourite Icon”. What […]

What is Bookmarklets and how do I use it?

31Mar2009 Filed under: Tips and Tricks

Today we are going to learn all there is to know about what a Bookmarklet is, how to use them and some popular and interesting bookmarkets to get you started. A bookmarklet is basically a short snippet of Javascript code, which is saved in the form of a bookmark. The difference between a bookmarklet and […]

FoxReplace is a FireFox extension which adds find-and-replace functionality to web pages. This is especially useful for bloggers, webmasters, people who use web based emails or if you do a lot of writing in web forms. The ability to quickly search for and replace text is a godsend. This extension allows you to replace text […]

Screen Grab to WordPress is an awesome FireFox add-on which enables you to easily do screen captures and save as PNG or JPG images. Oh, it doesn’t end there, you can also choose to send the images directly to your WordPress blog!

You can easily check a website’s PageRank and Alexa rank in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just install and use the Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar. In Firefox, if you do not like the Google Toolbar, you can use a nifty plugin called Searchstatus to do the job effectively – this is one of my favorite […]

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