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With the announcement of Apple iPad just behind us, it’s time to look at the legend behind Apple’s meteoric success, CEO Steve Jobs and his captivating presentations. What is the secret to this man’s success? Well, beyond the obvious hard work, practice, and attention to detail to each and every one of his slides and […]

Tired of your company webmail? Hate the webmail interface of Horde, SquirrelMail and RoundCube? Troublesome to check several email accounts everyday? Thanks to mail forwarding, there is a way to manage all your email account under one roof and the best way to do it, is by using your Gmail account. First login to your […]

Broadband FAQs

15Feb2010 Filed under: Computing, Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking at our previous post on broadband providers and packages in Malaysia, chances are that you may be shopping around for the right broadband package. Here we shed some light on the commonly used jargon to help you out… Broadband FAQ *kbps – Kilo bits per second. For example, 512kbps is equal to […]

3 Points for Better Computer Stability

12Feb2010 Filed under: Computing, Tips and Tricks

A lot of times I get bombarded by friends and relatives about pc-related problems such as restarts, virus attacks, unstable systems and other similar problems that could have been prevented if proper steps have been followed. Windows XP bears the brunt of the problem due to the fact that piracy is rampant and many hackers […]

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. With the help of current technology, this Chinese New Year will be a special one. Let’s see what current technology can do for you for the coming CNY. 1. GPS Pai Nian (Visiting friends and relatives house) for Ang Pao is the most important activity during Chinese […]

Ang Pao Packets Download

2Feb2010 Filed under: Others, Tips and Tricks

Chinese New Year will be here soon! Don’t kill yourself with that annual mad rush to the banks to get your Ang Pow packets. We have done some designs for you, just download and print it out to get your own DIY Ang Pau 🙂 Here’s a preview of Ang Pao design:

Top 5 Travel Gadgets

30Jan2010 Filed under: Gadgets, Tips and Tricks

Fancy travelling with some of the coolest gadgets around to keep you company? Here’s a collection of the trendiest and most sophisticated devices that one should carry while on the move. Without delay, the list itself: 1) The GPS Navigator! Forget about ever getting lost again! GPS-based navigators are the in-things of the moment, with […]

For many of us who are reliant of Bit Torrent to access content, significant efforts started by copyright holders have slowly chipped away at the technology and rightfully so as many corporate figures view the technology as a threat to their business model and prefer to follow a raze-and-burn tactic rather than see how to […]

Exciting news if you have been looking forward to XP Mode for Windows 7. Microsoft has just released the final approved copy of Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode Add-on for Windows 7, bringing this useful ability to the same RTM status as Windows 7’s core operating system. XP Mode is Windows 7’s new way […]

If you are an avid blogger, most likely you started off on an amateur basis with free services like Blogger and over time acquired a large number of following and have decided that maybe it’s time for you strike off into your own domain and get instead of Well, that may be a […]

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