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Hidden boot screen in Windows Vista

12Jul2007 Filed under: Tips and Tricks, Windows

You are expecting a beautiful, polished and 3D animated boot screen in Windows Vista, but what you get is a dull screen like the following. Don’t you think it’s even uglier than what’s in Windows XP? However, fear not. One of the weird things Microsoft do to Windows Vista is they hide the more advanced […]

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Since I got my Windows Vista laptop, I have been tweaking and playing with it like a new babe. The Windows Vista operating system is so lovely although sometimes I find the added security features quite annoying. Recently, I found that there is this Windows Vista utility which is meant for benchmarking your system called […]

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The requested operation requires elevation

6Jul2007 Filed under: Tips and Tricks, Windows

You might run into this message “The requested operation requires elevation” when you are trying some naughty commands in Windows Vista. Refer to the screen shot below which comes up if you ran the ipconfig /flushdns command. Well, you get this message because you do not have enough privilege or permission to run the command, […]

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In the event that all of a sudden a working website seems to be inaccessible, you may want to try the following instead of restarting your computer. Go to the command prompt and run ipconfig /flushdns. DNS or Domain Name System in full is the system that maps IP addresses to Internet addresses such as […]

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Can you say that again. You said your latest version of Windows Media Player cannot play DVD videos? Yes, you read that right. My Windows Media Player 11 that comes with Windows Vista Business, just refused to play any DVD discs I loaded into my DVD drive. So frustrating! That’s the error that was thrown […]

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Last time, I showed you how you can easily download YouTube videos and save them on your computer. Fill up both your 150GB hard disks with your favorite videos. But, how do you play them?… some readers emailed to ask me. If you didn’t notice, the videos you download from YouTube are in .FLV file […]

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Speed up Firefox

26Apr2007 Filed under: Mozilla, Software & Technology, Tips and Tricks

More and more Internet users are using Firefox each day, some of them just like myself may even have forgotten what is IE already. But, do you know of a nifty trick that will speed up Firefox, especially if you are on broadband (such as Streamyx)? What the trick basically does is you configure the […]

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Google is undeniably one of the most visited website in the world, and one of the most used search engine. Admit it, everyday you and I go to Google for countless number of times. I even believe that the world would be in a big chaos if Google went down for just a day! But, […]

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I know you and I love Firefox so much these days… when did you last used that browser from Microsoft called Internet Explorer? Last year?… haha! Firefox is so cool, but it will be cooler if you play this nifty little Firefox trick on your friends. This fun trick is simple, it opens multiple Firefox […]

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