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I have a huge music collection, somewhere in the order of 60GB worth of stuff most of which I don’t really listen to, but would like to keep around all the same because there’s nothing like telling your friends that you have enough mp3s to last you 25 days of continuous play without having a […]

If you are a frequent user of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs, you might find the lack of useful resources from Microsoft’s Clipart particularly annoying especially when you are just looking for a nice little graphics to enhance the document or presentation you are working on. Frequently, I myself am drawn to Google’s Image Search […]

I would like to share with readers here a really useful tool called FBackup, which does a tremendously helpful job of helping you back up your applications settings such that formatting your PC will hopefully be a painless process from now on. At first glance, FBackup looks like a rudimentary piece of backup software. You […]

Upgrade Your Browser with Firefox 3.5!

10Jul2009 Filed under: Mozilla, Software & Technology

Firefox 3.5 is now released and ready for download! Having been using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 for almost 3-4 months now, I must say I’m totally impressed with this browser and anticipating for its 3.5 ever since the initial announcement. Let’s see what has the new release in store for us: 1. Faster – With […]

KON-BOOT is a project started by a user who obviously have an infatuation for a character on the Bleach anime. Despite the silly sounding name, this bootable CD ISO/Floppy allows you to hack the kernel of Windows and Linux operating systems on-the-fly. The result? Complete takeover of any machine just by being able to have […]

Photo collages are super-cool and it’s also a pleasing visual effect for use in creating photo albums, presentations, and now you can do the same thing for your desktop background! The best part? Automatic creation of the collages and background rotation makes this collage software a must have download. What am I talking about? Why, […]

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

27May2009 Filed under: Software & Technology, Tips and Tricks, Windows

Ultimate Windows Tweaker Windows users should consider checking out this very useful utility; Ultimate Windows Tweaker. With over 150 options to change, it is indeed ultimate when it comes to tweaking Windows. The tool works well for Vista and the latest Windows 7 RC1 for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Prior versions of Windows […]

I’m a big fan of replacing stock Windows apps, Paint, Print Screen, Calculator, Notepad and others. There isn’t a thing in Windows that somebody else haven’t done better and offered it for free. In fact, somebody should do a collection of free alternative to native Windows programs. In fact, I believe somebody have already done […]

Today we are going to look at two tools, which will hopefully be a part of your computer’s toolkit; one will tackle the problem of malware and the other will be tasked to ensure your computer software is kept up to date. Malwarebytes Anti Malware Malwarebytes is a lesser-known company, which makes a good anti-malware […]

Movie Making Technology

27Mar2009 Filed under: Software & Technology

Movie making technology has drastically improved and grown more complex since the first movie was made around 100 years ago. From its humble beginnings as moving photographs, it has evolved into a tantalizing experience that thrills our senses and stimulates our minds. In the early days, movies were rudimentary and short, lasting no more than […]

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