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We are on the homepage of

6Jun2008 Filed under: Site Update

Oh yes, you read me correct. We are on the homepage of, at the Job Board section. is looking for Tech Bloggers to co-blog for the blog. Where else is better to advertise to get good co-bloggers if not’s Job Board? This is the place where bloggers looking for jobs and companies […]

If you have been blogging long enough or have accessed the Internet for a few hours and know a little bit about SEO, then you should have came across the term “backlink” at least once. However if are still clueless what a backlink is, and why they are important, especially “one way backlinks” then for […]

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New technology news and tips site

26Jan2007 Filed under: Site Update

Welcome to, a fresh and new technology blog. Now, you may ask me why I scrapped the previos website, and started a fresh one… Well, the answer is pretty simple, I get bored with the look of the previous website and find it difficult to write tutorials which the previous website is all about, […]

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