Security Category hacked by 1919turk

23Jul2007 Filed under: Security

I was shocked and I just couldn’t believe it when my colleague told me this morning that has been hacked. If you are not aware of it, Golden Hope is a very big and well known estate and plantations company in Malaysia. Anyway, below is a screen shot of the website after it’s hacked. […]

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Which antivirus is the best?

25Apr2007 Filed under: Security, Software & Technology

If you still remember, we talked about AVG free antivirus software not too long ago; which is a very useful and free software to have on your computer to help you against antivirus threats. The other free antivirus software that I like is Avast. These two are free antivirus software, but if you are willing […]

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Hide your IP Address while surfing

27Jan2007 Filed under: Security

When you connect to the Internet, your IP address is your identity and it’s exposed to the world to see. Of course this is not a problem under normal circumstances, but can be misused by hackers and people with bad intention because your IP address actually tells a lot about yourself. Don’t believe me? Check […]

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