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Google’s WebP to Replace JPEG

11Oct2010 Filed under: Search Engine

Images undoubtedly make up a large percentage of data, reportedly up to 65% of the total bytes that makes up the data on the Web. In its efforts to make the Web faster, Google has come up with a new file format, known as WebP to further compress the file size of these image files.

Google New: So What’s Really New At Google?

4Oct2010 Filed under: Search Engine

These days, with so many new features, software, browsers, plug-ins, and whatnots, coming out of the Mountain View, California company, how does one keep up with the relentless outpouring of new stuff from Google? Easy! **With triumphant music blaring in the background!** Introducing the new Google New! Google New is a one-stop page to help […]

It so happens that I just got one of those emails. The title of the email says “Are Leftover Onions Poisonous?” Now what do I do? Do I forward it to my friends and ask for their opinions? And appear stupid if it turned out to be a hoax? Truth or lie? Nah, I’ll just ask […]

This pretty cool website allows you to run a blind test on the three major search engines at the moment, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft’s Bing!. Now, search results have always been a very tight competition between tech companies as it is probably the main website that people visit and being ‘famous’ for providing consistent and […]

Scoopler real time search engine

13May2009 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Search Engine

Dying to know the latest scoop online? Here comes Scoopler! Scoopler is a real time search engine created by AJ Asver and Dilan Jayawardane. Yes, you heard it right – real-time! The main factor that got everybody into Twitter frenzy lately. Scoopler gathers all the real-time results from the web, and presents you the most […]

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Most popular searches in Google

18Dec2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Search Engine

It’s the time of the year again! No, I am not talking about Christmas and year end sales, but I am talking about the top searches in Google which has been compiled and released by this most widely used search engine. Earlier this year, I certainly didn’t believe that “anwar ibrahim” would top the most […]

Google’s SEO Starter Guide

24Nov2008 Filed under: Search Engine

Earlier this month, Google released its Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. The guide covers around a dozen common areas that webmasters and bloggers might consider optimizing. The areas discussed include; improving title and description meta tags, URL structure, site navigation, content creation, anchor text, and many more. SEO guru from Google There is also a […]

You can easily check a website’s PageRank and Alexa rank in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Just install and use the Google Toolbar and Alexa Toolbar. In Firefox, if you do not like the Google Toolbar, you can use a nifty plugin called Searchstatus to do the job effectively – this is one of my favorite […]

iGoogle Artist Themes

9Oct2008 Filed under: Search Engine

I know iGoogle isn’t something released yesterday nor are its artist themes. But it’s still interesting to check out what themes there are where you can use to personalize your Google homepage. Yeah, give that simple boring homepage a face lift! Google has obviously collaborated with many designers/artists to create many beautiful themes for the […]

I love Google Chrome

22Sep2008 Filed under: Search Engine, Software & Technology

Back in August, Google was making a big hype about their brand new application code named “Chrome”. I wondered, “What could this new application be as it’s causing so much hype? It must be big!”. A couple of weeks after the announcement, I found out what was this new application. It turns out that to […]

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