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Firefox 3 quick review

4Jul2008 Filed under: Mozilla

On June 17th, something wonderful happened. Firefox 3 was finally released to the general masses at 1pm EST. Once the download link was available, I immediately clicked the download button faster than a cheetah pouncing on its prey. After almost a month trying the browser out, I decided to write what I like and hate […]

If you are a Mac user then you could use one of the 4 major browsers (excluding Internet Explorer) such as the default Safari, Firefox and Opera. These tie up 99% of the browser market but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to only these applications. There are a number of very viable […]

Firefox 101: A practical guide

20Jun2008 Filed under: Mozilla, Tips and Tricks

Mozilla’s latest version of their ever so popular browser, Firefox 3, has just be launched a couple of days ago. The D-day, which was the 17th of June, was the official release date of Firefox 3. You must’ve heard about the Firefox Pledge? If not, you can check out more about this and for those […]

Mozilla has officially announced the release date for the latest and greatest edition of their popular Firefox browser. June 17th, 2008 is the official Firefox Download Day. To make things more interesting than a typical software release, Mozilla is attempting to organize a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the most software downloads in 24 […]

Firefox 3 t-shirt design contest

21Feb2008 Filed under: Mozilla

Firefox 3 is coming soon, and what would be a better way to celebrate than with a t-shirt design contest! The Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest is hosted by the Spread Firefox community to promote the many benefits of the free web browser. The winning design will be featured as the official Firefox 3 T-Shirt in […]

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How to get a giant Firefox sticker for free?

28Oct2007 Filed under: Mozilla

I have to admit the title of this post is designed to bait you to read! Hahaha… have I not done a good job? 🙂 Anyway, I did in fact have a good proposal with which you might get a giant Firefox Fathead sticker delivered to you absolutely free of charge (FOC)! This Giant Firefox […]

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Firefox vs Internet Explorer

30May2007 Filed under: Microsoft, Mozilla

According to the latest statistics from W3Counter, Internet Explorer is still the favorite browser among Internet users. Internet Explorer 6.0 has a 49.54% market share, while the latest browser from Microsoft, Internet Explorer 7.0 has the 2nd largest share at 16.82%. That gives a total of close to 70% market share! This is not surprisingly […]

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Speed up Firefox

26Apr2007 Filed under: Mozilla, Software & Technology, Tips and Tricks

More and more Internet users are using Firefox each day, some of them just like myself may even have forgotten what is IE already. But, do you know of a nifty trick that will speed up Firefox, especially if you are on broadband (such as Streamyx)? What the trick basically does is you configure the […]

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Lost your Firefox bookmarks?

1Mar2007 Filed under: Mozilla

I am sure if you have used Mozilla Firefox long enough, you have came across situations where your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks were mysteriously missing. Most of the time this happens after a Firefox upgrade. This is really a frustrating situation to be in, especially if you have lots of links and other information in the […]

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