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I bet that picture caught your interest. Who doesn’t want to get a free Windows yeah? Now, before you go and search Microsoft’s website for a free edition of their their ‘over the top expensive and fairly new’ Operating System, you might just want to finish reading this article first. You just might change your […]

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Big M Cashing In On iPhone’s Success

27Mar2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Microsoft

The iPhone is probably one of the most successful mobile communications device ever sold. According to Apple’s quarterly sales reports, the iPhone sold more than one million in Q4 of 2007 (see the report here), less than 3 months after it was launched and Apple is more than halfway in achieving their target of selling […]

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I have decided to remove the Live Shoutbox which I told you in this post. Simple reason, I need to come to my blog in order to see your messages, and it’s not spam protected and thus there are many spam messages coming in already although I have only put it up for a couple […]

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Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner

30Oct2007 Filed under: Microsoft, Windows

What’s Windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner? This long name itself is hard to pronounce in one breathe… but that’s exactly what prompted me today when I wanted to transfer a file to my friend in Windows Live Messenger. To be exact, I was transferring an EXE file. Windows Live Messenger… (MSN for short) alerted of […]

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Windows 7 (Vista successor) presentation

24Oct2007 Filed under: Computing, Microsoft, Windows

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s distinguished engineer Eric Traut gave a presentation at the University of Illinois about Microsoft’s virtualization technology. He also talked about where the Windows core is going and ended with a sneak peek at the kernel of the next version of Windows (Windows Vista successor), known by the exciting codename of Windows […]

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Microsoft Windows version 1.0

18Oct2007 Filed under: Microsoft, Windows

Have you used Microsoft Windows 1.0 before? I bet you haven’t even seen Windows 1.0 before not to mention use it, unless you are a 60 years old nerd born don’t know how many centuries ago. I hope this will not scare you from admitting you have used Windows 1.0 before in the un-likeliest case. […]

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Microsoft Windows Cement

16Oct2007 Filed under: Fun and funny, Microsoft, Windows

Have you heard of the latest development in Microsoft? No? Let me tell you then. Microsoft is releasing their latest Windows operating system which will feature the best from the previous versions namely, Windows CE, Windows ME, and Windows NT Workstation. This new Windows is code named Windows Cement. It’s going to be as hard […]

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How to install new fonts in Windows

4Aug2007 Filed under: Microsoft, Tips and Tricks, Windows

There are several ways to do this, we look at the easiest way first. Well, simply copy and past the font files into the Fonts folder in Windows, which typically located in “C:\Windows\Fonts\” Easy eh?

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Since I got my Windows Vista laptop, I have been tweaking and playing with it like a new babe. The Windows Vista operating system is so lovely although sometimes I find the added security features quite annoying. Recently, I found that there is this Windows Vista utility which is meant for benchmarking your system called […]

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Can you say that again. You said your latest version of Windows Media Player cannot play DVD videos? Yes, you read that right. My Windows Media Player 11 that comes with Windows Vista Business, just refused to play any DVD discs I loaded into my DVD drive. So frustrating! That’s the error that was thrown […]

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