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I have recently made the shift to Google Chrome and missed the Ad-Block extension dearly. Chrome currently does not support a streamlined interface for providing plugin support unlike Mozilla Firefox, so I am left wanting for a way to bust the ads that keep appearing in my page. My attempts at looking for a way […]

Microsoft Zune HD battles iPod Touch

22Sep2009 Filed under: Gadgets, Microsoft

After many months of waiting, the Zune HD, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod Touch, has finally landed in the United States and a few other areas around the world. Microsoft were pushing for simultaneous release across the globe, but logistical problems prevented that, so the Zune HD will be launched in stages. Zune HD marks […]

After many weeks of speculation, Microsoft finally confirms that Windows 7 has finally achieved RTM (released to manufacturing) status and they will no longer be changing the OS (producing updated builds, in technospeek) from now until October 22nd when it will be officially available in stores around the world. This means the code is finally […]

If you are a frequent user of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs, you might find the lack of useful resources from Microsoft’s Clipart particularly annoying especially when you are just looking for a nice little graphics to enhance the document or presentation you are working on. Frequently, I myself am drawn to Google’s Image Search […]

If you paid any attention to the gigantic Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (E3 2009) this year, you may have already been privy to the fact that there were a lot of really awesome things being showed off there, despite the economic downturn. Gaming has been pretty resistant to the fallout from Wall Street and it […]

It has only been March 2009 but Microsoft has already released their flagship Sidewinder series of desktop accessories. The Sidewinder X8 is the latest mouse in the series and the X6 is the latest keyboard. If the design is any indication, they are going to blow the competition clear out of the water. First off, […]

If you are like me who likes to print long web pages and blog entries for offline reading, then you certainly have wondered how could you prevent the printing of the webpage’s URL on every page. It’s so irritating to see the URL at the top/bottom of every page… it’s a waste of precious ink […]

Windows 7 multi touch

3Jun2008 Filed under: Gadgets, Microsoft

Wow, is this the future version of Windows… so called Windows 7? To me, it looks really revolutionary much like how Apple iPhone revolutionized how a mobile phone should look and work. Now, many mobile phone makers are producing iPhone competitors, especially HTC and LG models. Earlier last week, at the D6 conference Ballmer demonstrated […]

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I have a small Workgroup network in my office, and the benefit of having a network like this is that you can transfer and share files between the computers easily without the need to use medias such as a pendrive. These computers are hooked up through a simple modem router which costs less than RM250 […]

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What an interesting title to catch your attention! It caught mine at least… but it turned out to be a spectacular 4.6m holographic projection of Bill Gates, chairman of software powerhouse Microsoft Corporation. Instead of using the word “impresses” the crowd, the engadget article opted to use a stronger word “terrorizes” the crowd… That surely […]

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