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Microsoft Imagine Cup

5Mar2013 Filed under: Future, Microsoft

Imagine Cup by Microsoft is the world’s premier student technology competition. It gives the opportunity for students to enhance their unique ideas and turn them into reality. Students also get to solve challenges and problems provided to them. In turn, Microsoft offers lucrative prizes and even a chance to meet with the big wigs in […]

Microsoft has just released the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Release Candidate on the 26th of October, 2010. That is a mouthful of words, which if you didn’t get it – refers to the Release Candidate version of Windows 7 SP1, and also Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Which […]

There are times when Windows Explorer dies on you and takes with it, the Windows’ desktop and toolbar, together with the system notification area (aka system tray). Or Windows become annoyingly SLOW and something appears to be HOGGING your processor. Upon checking the Task Manager, you might see “Explorer (Not Responding)”, which can go on […]

This requires you to have a certain amount of Windows skill, esp Regedit knowledge for the part that calls for it. *Note that by using Regedit – though it has been built into every Windows since Windows 95 – is not encouraged by Microsoft, which has disclaimed all responsibility if you messed up your Windows […]

Microsoft will be releasing the successor to Office 2007 in a few more weeks time. The latest version of the venerable word processor will see a host of incremental updates that refines the word processor and introduces a 64-bit version for the first time.

Office 2010: The 64-bit Question

26Mar2010 Filed under: Microsoft

Office 2007 introduced a lot of new features and a brand new Ribbon interface that has fans either loving it or despising the way the whole thing functioned. That was three years ago. With 2010, a new Office release is scheduled to hit stores in June, earlier if you keep your eyes peeled on torrent […]

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If you had bought your notebook 2 to 4 years ago – like I did – chances are it is now feeling slow and boring to you. What used to be leading edge is now egging on you constantly for a new breath of life. So what are some of the things you can do […]

In CES 2010, several major manufacturers such as Microsoft (in conjunction with HP), Nvidia, Dell, Sony and thers announced their latest Tablet PCs (also known as Slate). Here’s a couple of options that you will be able to choose from… From Microsoft & HP…

Why I hate Windows Vista

5Jan2010 Filed under: Microsoft, Security, Windows

This is the year where the switch to Windows 7 will gain momentum. Not least because of existing Vista users who are so sick and tired of their bulky and inferior OS. Despised and loathed by many, Vista will be dying an uncelebrated death this year. I’ve decided not to pen my own words for […]

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Exciting news if you have been looking forward to XP Mode for Windows 7. Microsoft has just released the final approved copy of Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode Add-on for Windows 7, bringing this useful ability to the same RTM status as Windows 7’s core operating system. XP Mode is Windows 7’s new way […]

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