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I earned US$12830 in Google AdSense today

26Feb2009 Filed under: Computing, Make Money

Hi friends, look how much I have earned in Google AdSense these days! Yesterday, it was great with over US$8100, but today it was an all time record where I cracked US$10k in a single day! You don’t believe me? Let me show you my AdSense screenshot as proof!

Make money writing for article contest

20Oct2008 Filed under: Make Money

Are you concerned about the society you live in? Do you want to make money writing an article about your views and concerns? If the answer to both questions is yes, then check out eLawyer Malaysia. This fast-growing law portal has organized a writing contest around a couple of topics concerning the society in Malaysia. […]

Earn Cashbacks With Quidco

19May2008 Filed under: Make Money

After writing about MySearchFunds, I came to realize that I do use another website to earn a little money to keep in my PayPal account. Mind you, I don’t have much money in my PayPal, just enough to pay off the annual fees of a few online accounts. The website that I have in mind […]

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Earn Money As You Search

15May2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Make Money, Search Engine

The Internet is always full of ways to make money online. So it’s no wonder why a lot of people call the Internet a gold mine. Yes, you have the PPC, the Affiliate programs, the E-commerce, the gaming, and others that I’ve probably never heard of. There is one that I heard of just recently. […]

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Those bastards at eBay control the online marketplace and being the multi-billion market that it is, cashing in seems a reasonable way to make money online. One of the best way to profit off eBay is to start a BANS (Build a Niche Store), which happens to be one of the hottest and fastest growing […]

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If you are like myself who didn’t believe that a blog can earn such a fat check from AdSense, then you have to check out how much earned in a month. While I am still struggling to earn that magical number of US$1 a day, made US$132,994.97 in August 2005. Don’t believe me? […]

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Paypal as finally officially announce the new withdrawal feature for Malaysians as well as a few other countries. I know this is not something new to a lot of you because many forums and blogs had already discussed about this welcomed move by Paypal since last week. Paypal and Google AdSense have certainly make many […]

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Google AdSense is no doubt one of the world’s best ad network but until now the most annoying thing about it was that it did not allow fast payment methods such as Western Union Money Transfer or wire transfer. The only payment method available was check delivery which could take weeks to reach you. In […]

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