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This game was proclaimed to be the World’s Hardest Game. What is the name of the game? The World’s Hardest Game. Duh. So just how hard can this game be?

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The helicopter game challenge

1May2008 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

Last time, I challenged you to press your space bar until it dislodged itself from the keyboard. This time, I have a new challenge for you. Don’t worry, it’s very easy but much more fun compared to the space bar challenge. The object is very simple. Keep this copter as long in the air as […]

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Oh my god, how could I have missed this! Just spotted this amazing Vans Finger Fracture Skateboarding game for iPhone and iPod Touch at the trendwatch. Although the game is now only at the concept stage, it looks really sleek and if it really became a real game, this will definitely become a major point […]

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Press space bar challenge!

14Oct2007 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

See how many times you can press the space bar within a given time say 5 seconds, 10 seconds or 20 seconds. See if you can beat my personal best of 45 times at 5 seconds. The more you try the faster you get. I got this after 5 attempts. 🙂

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What? You still talk about Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)? That was a 16-bit video game console released by Nintendo last century! People talks about Xbox360, PS3, Wii or at least PSP (Playstation Portable) now. How gives a damn about SNES? Woo… cowboy, wait… check out the picture below. Now, that’s what you call the […]

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When can we get Playstation 3 in Malaysia?

22Mar2007 Filed under: Gaming and Games

It’s reported that the next-generation gaming console from Sony – the much hyped Sony Playstation 3 was released in Australia today. Tonnes of hardcore gamers queued tens of hours in advance in order to be the first to grab the hottest console on earth. Australian gamers will be the first outside of the United States […]

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