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PSP4000 the iPod Touch killer?

28Apr2009 Filed under: Gadgets, Gaming and Games

Sony has confirmed the next PSP will be called PSP4000. Initially, the name suggests an incremental update, thinner form factor perhaps, maybe a longer battery life and better screen resolution. Nothing earth shattering. However there have been rumors stirring that the PSP4000 might well turn out to be the PSP2. Currently it is slated for […]

Play Advergames to say NO to Overpaid CEOs

2Apr2009 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

Were you upset when you saw all those excessive bonuses at AIG, Lehman Brothers etc? Well take heart, you can do something about it! Computer games as a form of protest is quick becoming the vogue. Check out the most recent protest game made by the Transport Workers Union of America to lash out at […]

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Money, Cracks and Casual Games

25Mar2009 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Hey, did you know how much cash there is in computer pixels? The computer games industry is a real big money generator, with sales of over USD 22 billion in 2008 according to the Entertainment Software Association. That figure does not include sales lost through piracy issues! Piracy is the main way computer games companies […]

Advertising in Computer Games

18Mar2009 Filed under: Gaming and Games

In-game advertising, for lack of a better word, remains the Holy Grail to countless advertising agencies eager to find a way to reach gamers. Why gamers? It seems that gamers represent a highly valued demographic, that of 13-39 year old males. Ever since computer games evolved from green screen pixels into a billion dollar industry, […]

An Ad for Gamers

13Mar2009 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Gillette is such a n00b. Gillette, ever the enterprising company, decided to introduce a razor, the Gillette Fusion Power Gamer Razor, for, of all demographics, GAMERS. Good, Bad idea, or downright Ugly marketing strategy? Was that tumbleweed blowing by? Oh no, that was a ball of shaving cream. Either way, the razor, which boasts of […]

Are Asian Gamers No Good?

6Mar2009 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Fancy playing Tiger Woods in a head-to-head match-up in his own video game? Steve Ward of Nhill Australia reckons it is better than being crowned Gaming Champion in Gillette-EA Sports Champions of Gaming Tournament 2009. But as I read about the EA tournament, what struck me was that there was not a single Asian winner. […]

Nintendo have been fighting piracy ever since the days of the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System). Even up to the days of the Dreamcast, they have adopted the stance that games should be on proprietary format (cartridges, special Dreamcast media, etc) but for the Wii, they have decided that maybe the reason why they’re not […]

Bush shoe throw game

22Dec2008 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

The incident in which Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi tossed his shoes at US President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference recently, has turned into a fast-moving Internet meme, spawning dozens of games and video pranks. Let’s check out a few of the games which were inspired by this shoe throwing incident. Sock and […]

Still remember we talked about a finger fracture game for iPhone and iPod Touch earlier this year? That sure was an amazing game and created a lot of attention especially among the iPhone users. Now, we have another game which takes full advantage of the system’s multitouch screen. This skateboarding game which is called Touch […]

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Playstation 3 was once known as the most expensive, over-priced next generation games console. This lasted for a while, before people started to find out the real potential of Playstation 3. This is not only a game console, it’s a computer, an entertainment center (and a high-def too!) and with the firmware upgrades Sony has […]

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