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Update: Since this article was published when Adobe Flash 10.1 was still in beta,  it is probably no longer relevant to current Adobe Flash problems. This particular problem is quite nasty. It only happened to me recently and here are some tips to overcome it, although it cannot be 100% solved. Your computer may be […]

It’s World Cup year again! Four years down the road after Italy secured victory over France in a dramatic match played in Germany, it’s time for a new campaign of football fever and delights, this time in South Africa! Nevertheless, before the actual tournament kicks off in June this year, you will be pleased to […]

Massive news over the weekend as hacker prodigy Geohot, who’s claim to fame is being the first hacker to successful break one of the iPhone’s system. Geohot posted this on his website:

Avatar: The Game

27Jan2010 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Year 2009 closed off grandly with the much anticipated release of epic science fiction film, Avatar by James Cameron, 12 years after his success with Titanic, the highest grossing film of all time. Avatar, which was originally scheduled to be filmed after the completion of Titanic had to be postponed as the technology required to […]

Call of Duty 6 (geez, has there been SIX of these now? guess so) have been released last week and was one of the most anticipated releases of 2009. However, during the twilight moments of the game’s development, Infinity Ward, developers of the game, announced that the game will not have a working multiplayer LAN […]

OnLive: Cloud Gaming for the masses

23Oct2009 Filed under: Computing, Gaming and Games

OnLive is a new service which delivers games to you via the Internet. It was shown at E3 this year to much criticisms due to the technical challenges that many people say is too complex to be solved by today’s technology. The way it works is like this: OnLive install games on their server and […]

Playstation 3 redesigned: PS3-Slim

3Sep2009 Filed under: Gadgets, Gaming and Games

Ever since before the big Electronics Entertainment Expo 2009, industry analysts have harped on the Playstation 3’s surprise to be a $100 price cut that would bring the console back into competition. Of the next generation consoles, PS3 remains the most expensive and the tough economy have made sales of the much cheaper Nintendo Wii […]

Free Download: Peggle WoW Edition

11Aug2009 Filed under: Computing, Gaming and Games

Addicted to Peggle Extreme that’s available for free on Steam? PopCap Games, the developer of Peggle series of casual action video game, has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of World of Warcraft (WoW), to release a special Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition, available for free download at no cost. Peggle is an addictive […]

If you paid any attention to the gigantic Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (E3 2009) this year, you may have already been privy to the fact that there were a lot of really awesome things being showed off there, despite the economic downturn. Gaming has been pretty resistant to the fallout from Wall Street and it […]

Microsoft Xbox 360 problems

2May2009 Filed under: Gaming and Games

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has been dogged by unreliability since the day it was launched. It took them some 3 years before they got a handle of the problem, also referred to affectionately as the Red Ring of Death (RROD). The problem had something to do with the console overheating itself and causing the motherboard to […]

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