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Video games nowadays have become more and more advance. Lots of advanced technology have been used in order to fulfill the users’ satisfaction. Joysticks, game controllers also plays the important parts in bringing the game to life.

The Future is Near

26Apr2013 Filed under: Future

Ever heard of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ? Well, UAV (or commonly known as Drone) is basically an aircraft vehicle without using human pilot to control the flight, but instead, the pilot controls it by using a remote control. Drones are often used in military applications despite the use of them could save lives from […]

It’s already 2013, where are the Flying Cars?

25Mar2013 Filed under: Future

The dream of having flying cars has been existed since the 1980s. We saw a flying car in the movieĀ Back to The Future starring Michael J Fox and his DeLorean supercar. We all dream that someday there is a technology that can make flying cars. But now we’re already in the year 2013, the movie […]

Microsoft Imagine Cup

5Mar2013 Filed under: Future, Microsoft

Imagine Cup by Microsoft is the world’s premier student technology competition. It gives the opportunity for students to enhance their unique ideas and turn them into reality. Students also get to solve challenges and problems provided to them. In turn, Microsoft offers lucrative prizes and even a chance to meet with the big wigs in […]

Loggerhead Turtle with Prosthetic Fins

22Feb2013 Filed under: Future

Yu, a 25-year-old female loggerhead turtle was found and pulled from a fishing net that washed ashore on the southern part of Shikoku Japan in 2008. This poor turtleĀ had lost one third of her right limb and half her left limb by the time she was rescued. It was believed to be a shark attack […]

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