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First, let’s take a look a the Internet Explorer Cake. Wow, nicely done, much better than that we find in Secret Recipe. It says “Congratulations on Shipping! Love, the IE Team”. IE Team loves and congratulates the Mozilla team for the release of Firefox 3?

If you’ve been surfing the web for a few hours, you’ve most likely heard of “blogs” or weblogs. But, what are blogs? A blog is a diary or journal on the Internet where the writer or more known as the “blogger” will write his/her views on a wide variety of subjects such as politics, news, […]

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Microsoft iPhone

24Jun2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Fun and funny

What will happen if we had Microsoft iPhone, especially if the phone is powered by the Windows Mobile core? Let me present you the Microsoft iPhone! Oh boy, so many error messages and even the much dreaded blue screen of death! Haha, thank God this is merely a parody and is not really a Microsoft […]

What an interesting title to catch your attention! It caught mine at least… but it turned out to be a spectacular 4.6m holographic projection of Bill Gates, chairman of software powerhouse Microsoft Corporation. Instead of using the word “impresses” the crowd, the engadget article opted to use a stronger word “terrorizes” the crowd… That surely […]

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Watch Star Wars in ASCII

22May2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Fun and funny, Others

Well, the other day Kitkat wrote a post on viewing The Incredibles in ASCII format. Now you can watch Star Wars 4 in ASCII / text mode format too. It’s not as elaborated as The Incredibles, but the text representations of the characters are funny.

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This game was proclaimed to be the World’s Hardest Game. What is the name of the game? The World’s Hardest Game. Duh. So just how hard can this game be?

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Die-hard programmer

16May2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

This dude tattooed HTML codes onto his back… can you imagine that? He must be a freaky programmer or a die-hard blogger who’s gone crazy. 🙂

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This dude thinks Wikipedia is a waste of time

14May2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

This is a humorous tweak done on some of the most popular websites’ logos. Check them out. Not sure what will Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales think if they saw this. Waste of time to use Thankfully, this is only a joke.

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I would like to quote what Michael Copeland says in the latest issue of Fortune. It takes more than leading-edge technology and a Stanford MBA to make it big in high tech. Apparently it takes whiskers. It’s weird, but true, there are so many Silicon Valley CEOs sporting beards these days. The magazine has even […]

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I believe you have watched The Incredibles in ASCII format and wants more. Now, instead of watching other movies, why not watch yourself on your webcam in ASCII? That would be so COOL! Haha… I look like a zoombie. Trust me, in person I look much better. Anyway, to stream your webcam live in ASCII […]

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