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Real Photoshop

7Nov2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

This should be a designer’s or a Photoshop user’s dream, to have a desktop made and designed with the layout and tools of Photoshop. Of course, this real Photoshop thingy which I came across on could be real, but it’s not very likely. I think it should have been a work of Photoshop, by […]

This should be the greatest application for all the dog lovers! Bow cam, a US$0.99 application for Apple iPhone, is designed specifically to assist you in taking pictures of your dog. As the app note points out, the hardest part in taking a dog’s picture is to attract its attention. Bow Cam solves this problem […]

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Walking iPhone

24Oct2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Fun and funny, Gadgets

Well, if you owned an Apple iPhone, you might think you have got the coolest phone on earth! But, what if I tell you my iPhone can walk? Haha, a walking iPhone! If you need a tutorial on how to make your phone walk, check out this video on Youtube. By the way, of course […]

50 cents per idea vending machine

24Sep2008 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gadgets

This may sound crazy, but trust me it looks like really fun! The Fun-O-Meter (also known as Robofun, the Fun Idea Machine, or Funulator… well, as the creator puts it of course), can dispense an idea per 50 cents. Unlike most people who tried to monetize their website, Jake of came up this his […]

Deposit your money here please

14Sep2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

Look how creative pranks can get these days. This is the quickest way to deposit your money, no need to wait for the slow response from the money deposit machine… just drop your cash in the box and you are done. Haha… I wonder if I put this box at any of the money deposit […]

3D side view generator

11Aug2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

How do you see your name in 3D and from almost every angle? Use the Side View Generator. Enter your name and it will create a 3D view. It doesn’t end here obviously, it will then rotate to reveal another word from the side. It is so cool you have to try it yourself! Enter […]

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Best Beijing Olympic 2008 wallpapers

1Aug2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

Beijing Olympic 2008 is just around the corner… in fact it’s just one more week to go. If you couldn’t make it to Beijing this time… blame it on your busy work… don’t get upset. You can join this biggest sports event in the world by decorating your computer with a nice Beijing Olympic 2008 […]

Passwords are like underwear

28Jul2008 Filed under: Fun and funny

We all know that it’s advisable to change your password often, and use at least 8 characters long. It’s good also to make your password easy to remember for yourself, but hard to guess for others. Some smart people say Passwords are like underwear, you know why?

Nintendo Wii latest innovations

14Jul2008 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gadgets

Nintendo Wii is such a revolutionary gaming console. It not only appeals to hard-core gamers and the whole family, it’s also very multipurpose. Some smart people find that Wii can do a lot of things with a little imagination and modifications to the console. Check out the following latest Wii modifications. Wii light. Now you […]

You should still remember Jenn Thomas, who’s Mac Chick of the Month for May 2008. Although June is already over, but I believe you will still like June 2008’s Mac Chick of the Month. Let’s welcome Erin Marie, a Dallas triple threat model/actor/singer, and of course, a die-hard Mac Chick! Look at that. She looks […]

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