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Creative and Unique iPhone Cases

5Aug2010 Filed under: Fun and funny

With the popularity of the iPhone that hasn’t seemed to have died down yet, surely you need something to single yours out from the rest. Here are some creatively designed iPhone cases that certainly stands out. Not only are some of these creative, they turn form into function as with the relief case for the […]

Android finally running on Apple iPhone 2G

28May2010 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gadgets

Just a few weeks after independent market research companies concluded that Android has overtaken the iPhone as the Number One ranked platform in terms of online mobile traffic, industrious hackers came out with an announcement stating that the Android operating system has been successfully ported over to the iPhone 2G.

It so happens that I just got one of those emails. The title of the email says “Are Leftover Onions Poisonous?” Now what do I do? Do I forward it to my friends and ask for their opinions? And appear stupid if it turned out to be a hoax? Truth or lie? Nah, I’ll just ask […]

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. With the help of current technology, this Chinese New Year will be a special one. Let’s see what current technology can do for you for the coming CNY. 1. GPS Pai Nian (Visiting friends and relatives house) for Ang Pao is the most important activity during Chinese […]

Why I dumped iPhone and switched to a BlackBerry

1Jul2009 Filed under: Fun and funny

Right now, the hottest and most talked about mobile phone in the market is the iPhone 3GS. iPhone 3G is well known for its cool and sleek design, easy of use and exceptionally good web browsing experience. Now, with the latest iPhone 3GS, this phone is made even better with a host of enhanced features. […]

Play Advergames to say NO to Overpaid CEOs

2Apr2009 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

Were you upset when you saw all those excessive bonuses at AIG, Lehman Brothers etc? Well take heart, you can do something about it! Computer games as a form of protest is quick becoming the vogue. Check out the most recent protest game made by the Transport Workers Union of America to lash out at […]

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Steve Wozniak approves Hackintosh

27Mar2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Fun and funny

Matthew Smith caught Steve Wozniak doing some press for Dancing With the Stars. He showed Woz his Dell Mini 9 with OS X Leopard installed on it (and an Apple sticker sloppily applied over the Dell logo) and Woz gladly autographed it! Sourced from Flickr.

How YouTube looked like in 1985

3Mar2009 Filed under: Fun and funny

Wow, you wouldn’t believe this. YouTube was actually started as early as 1985! A complete failure at that time but it’s amazing how it has survived so many years and become so successful these days! All right… this is a prank but it almost made me rolling on the floor laughing as it made me […]

Best mobile phone handsfree

24Feb2009 Filed under: Fun and funny

The economy is bad, if you could not afford a bluetooth handsfree for your mobile phone, then perhaps this will be the next best thing! Wanna try? 🙂

Bush shoe throw game

22Dec2008 Filed under: Fun and funny, Gaming and Games

The incident in which Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi tossed his shoes at US President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference recently, has turned into a fast-moving Internet meme, spawning dozens of games and video pranks. Let’s check out a few of the games which were inspired by this shoe throwing incident. Sock and […]

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