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Photosketch Turning sketches into photographs

28Oct2009 Filed under: Computing

5 researchers from China and Singapore have given us a glimpse into what is possible in the future of image editing when they stunned the world by releasing Photosketch, a software which has almost magical abilities in its simplicity, yet is based on probably some very complicated stuff. Photosketch is an elegant concept: you sketch […]

OnLive: Cloud Gaming for the masses

23Oct2009 Filed under: Computing, Gaming and Games

OnLive is a new service which delivers games to you via the Internet. It was shown at E3 this year to much criticisms due to the technical challenges that many people say is too complex to be solved by today’s technology. The way it works is like this: OnLive install games on their server and […]

Exciting news if you have been looking forward to XP Mode for Windows 7. Microsoft has just released the final approved copy of Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode Add-on for Windows 7, bringing this useful ability to the same RTM status as Windows 7’s core operating system. XP Mode is Windows 7’s new way […]

I have recently made the shift to Google Chrome and missed the Ad-Block extension dearly. Chrome currently does not support a streamlined interface for providing plugin support unlike Mozilla Firefox, so I am left wanting for a way to bust the ads that keep appearing in my page. My attempts at looking for a way […]

Malaysia’s Internet Filtering and Censoring

14Sep2009 Filed under: Computing, Security

Guess what, Malaysia made it on to the front page of Slashdot! The story however, is a bit less pleasant. Recently the Malaysian Government have announced they are planning to implement and enforce a set of Internet filtering schemes that many are saying is similar to China’s failed Green Dam Internet filtering initiative. Are we […]

Free Download: Peggle WoW Edition

11Aug2009 Filed under: Computing, Gaming and Games

Addicted to Peggle Extreme that’s available for free on Steam? PopCap Games, the developer of Peggle series of casual action video game, has teamed up with Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of World of Warcraft (WoW), to release a special Peggle: World of Warcraft Edition, available for free download at no cost. Peggle is an addictive […]

If you are a frequent user of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs, you might find the lack of useful resources from Microsoft’s Clipart particularly annoying especially when you are just looking for a nice little graphics to enhance the document or presentation you are working on. Frequently, I myself am drawn to Google’s Image Search […]

I would like to share with readers here a really useful tool called FBackup, which does a tremendously helpful job of helping you back up your applications settings such that formatting your PC will hopefully be a painless process from now on. At first glance, FBackup looks like a rudimentary piece of backup software. You […]

Windows 95 runs on iPhone

15Jul2009 Filed under: Computing, Gadgets

Can you believe this? Windows 95 can actually run on iPhone! With the help of Bochs emulator and an original Windows 95 image, a group of developers have managed to install and run Microsoft Windows 95 on Apple’s iPhone. Unfortunately, the performance was terrible… not surprisingly. The team is eager to try the hack on […]

In an exciting but anticipated announcement, Google has recently unveiled their intention to create a new operating system based on the Google Chrome web browser which seeks to rethink the way an OS is supposed to work. Chrome Web Browser Chrome was a successful web browser that is written from scratch to have a focus […]

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