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I must admit that I am a cheapo. I almost always use open source or freeware, and rarely go for shareware or payware. And when it comes to freeware anti-virus, I usually choose among AVG Anti-Virus Free, Avira AntiVir or Avast. Usually, I have both AVG and Avira between Windows OSes (in different partitions) and […]

Having a netbook can be a curse at times due to the lowly multimedia capabilities. Sure, if you stick to normal AVI or RMVB videos, there are no problems but dumping in a HD 720p or 1080p movie and you will be in for a shock as your netbook struggles to play the video and […]

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OK! Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”) is almost upon us now. It has hit BETA 1, a step up from ALPHA 3 (more than a week ago) and is to be officially released on April 29, 2010. If you’re a Windows user who occasionally (pretends to) dabble in Linux, and has forgotten how to upgrade, here […]

Podcast Manager Recommendations

14Mar2010 Filed under: Computing, Social Media

Podcasting offers a wonderful world of user-created content ranging from small, independent (or even one person) podcasts such as the Mr Brown show, a popular Singaporean comedy program, to large studio project such as The Official Lost Podcast. There are literally thousands of streams of podcasts out there, some more exciting than others, but I […]

The latest news has it that Microsoft has released a new update that attempts to detect any signs that the software’s activation systems have been compromised, either via the popular RemoveWAT 2.0 crack or the older BIOS modification hack. The new update is designed to discover these illegal attempts at activating Windows 7 and then […]

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Getting the most out of your Netbooks

1Mar2010 Filed under: Computing

So you’ve caved into the corporate marketing machine and got yourself a fancy little netbook which looks like a smaller notebook and behaves exactly like one, just slower and more annoying to use due to the small keyboard and screen. Well, you get what you paid for, so what can you do to get the […]

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Broadband FAQs

15Feb2010 Filed under: Computing, Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking at our previous post on broadband providers and packages in Malaysia, chances are that you may be shopping around for the right broadband package. Here we shed some light on the commonly used jargon to help you out… Broadband FAQ *kbps – Kilo bits per second. For example, 512kbps is equal to […]

3 Points for Better Computer Stability

12Feb2010 Filed under: Computing, Tips and Tricks

A lot of times I get bombarded by friends and relatives about pc-related problems such as restarts, virus attacks, unstable systems and other similar problems that could have been prevented if proper steps have been followed. Windows XP bears the brunt of the problem due to the fact that piracy is rampant and many hackers […]

Which is the best broadband in Malaysia? If you’re not really into the techno jargon, maybe this scenario comparison will help you (we have compiled a list of broadband packages here): I’m a heavy online gamer / media downloader. I need fast and stable internet connection. Streamyx 1.0mbps / 2.0mbps / 4.0mbps (if your area is being covered) […]

Beware the Dell Inspiron 1420 NVIDIA Defect

20Jan2010 Filed under: Computing, Windows

I am writing this in because I have been personally affected by what many are calling the NVIDIA Defect. Hopefully others will be more aware of this situation should their laptop experience a premature death. My laptop was purchased back in 2007 and upgraded to the 8400M graphics system instead of using the default Intel […]

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