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Video games nowadays have become more and more advance. Lots of advanced technology have been used in order to fulfill the users’ satisfaction. Joysticks, game controllers also plays the important parts in bringing the game to life.

Keyboards are essential in everyday computing, whether it’s for typing a URL, a blog post or an IM message. Although there are other methods of text input in computers today, I believe most will agree with me when I say that the keyboard is still the fastest way to input text into your computer. When […]

Remember the post I did on that conceptual Solar Powered laptop a couple of weeks ago? Well, that has actually been realised by Samsung as the NC215S.

Solar-powered products are gaining more and more attention, as our society urges us to use cleaner and renewable energy. In vein with solar-powered products that help make our world a greener place, here’s an interesting concept from Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti and his concept for the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC.

Xi3 Computer Cube

19Nov2010 Filed under: Computers and Gadgets sales

Sure, there have been countless CPU designs and mods that people have made, but this is by far the more interesting ones I’ve seen.

In this day and age, multifunctional printers are a thing of the past, with the norm being scanning printers and such, but now Lexmark has put a twist to the design by using a camera-based scanner, instead of the run-of-the-mill flatbed kind.

There are times when Windows Explorer dies on you and takes with it, the Windows’ desktop and toolbar, together with the system notification area (aka system tray). Or Windows become annoyingly SLOW and something appears to be HOGGING your processor. Upon checking the Task Manager, you might see “Explorer (Not Responding)”, which can go on […]

With the closure of recently, I believe many people are losing their faith on Nokia. (mostly high end Nokia phone users.) This has surely been true for myself and I have begun my new life with an Android powered phone – HTC Desire – after selling my 5 months old Nokia N900.

Creative Headphone Designs

4Jul2010 Filed under: Computers and Gadgets sales, Gadgets

Following my previous post about cool designs, this time it’s all about headphones and earphones. For all the audiophiles out there who need their music on the go and look cool about it at the same time, here are some headgear designs for you.

If you had bought your notebook 2 to 4 years ago – like I did – chances are it is now feeling slow and boring to you. What used to be leading edge is now egging on you constantly for a new breath of life. So what are some of the things you can do […]

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