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Excellent blog designs

30Aug2007 Filed under: Blogging

Smashing Magazine has recently compiled a list of 45 excellent blog designs from some of the most widely used web publishing platforms such as Expression Engine, Movable Type, Textpattern and of course WordPress. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I checked out the blogs in the list, they are so awesomely designed although some of […]

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How much is a text link worth on my site?

9Aug2007 Filed under: Blogging, Tips and Tricks

If you wonder how much is an advertiser is willing to pay for a text link on your website, then this free Text Link Ads Calculator from Text Link Ads might be useful to you. It’s very easy to use it. Just enter your website URL and a few other simple information, and within a […]

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Top earning bloggers

22Jul2007 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Blogging

It’s really amazing how blogging can bring in tonnes of money, even several times more than a full time job. This is no joke. Some famous blogs such as and TechCrunch record revenue of more than 1 million dollar a year according to a report by Business Week: Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks. […]

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Install WordPress plugins with just one click!

28Jun2007 Filed under: Blogging

How great it would be, if you could just install WordPress plugins and themes right away in your WordPress Admin panel (without using the FTP client)? Well, that’s exactly what Anirudh’s OneClick Plugin does. OneClick WordPress plugin allows WordPress admins to upload WordPress plugins or themes directly from the Admin control panel. All you have […]

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All of us know that Alexa rankings are flawed, because it’s mostly based on people who use their Alexa toolbar. But for those of us who use advertising systems such as PayPerPost, ReviewMe and Text Link Ads; Alexa ranking is crucial because it’s an important factor that determines how much we are being paid. The […]

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WordPress 2.2 released

16May2007 Filed under: Blogging

After being delayed for close to a month, WordPress 2.2 was finally released on 15 May 2007. This latest version of the popular blogging software includes a number of new features, most notably Widgets integration, and of course hundreds of bug fixes. Some new features at a glance: Full Atom support, including Atom 1.0. Widgets […]

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I was delighted when I read that there is a new statistics plugin released for the hosted blogging system. Of course there are already too many statistics plugins available for but the problem is many of them slow down your site because they are writing tonnes of data to a DB or they […]

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Adsense ready WordPress theme

21Mar2007 Filed under: Blogging

Are you looking for a nice WordPress theme for your blog, and yes I know, you want the theme to be Adsense optimized? Look no further, try Carl Ocab’s Adsense ready WordPress theme which is very much based on the popular K2 theme. The WordPress theme includes 2 ad units and 1 link unit, which […]

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