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Free porn! no software or plugins needed – download free videos! Please don’t tell me you are not attracted by this catchy headline… if you are not perhaps you need to go see a doctor straight away! Haha, no there is no free porn videos to download here, but I was surprised to see a […]

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If you have been blogging long enough or have accessed the Internet for a few hours and know a little bit about SEO, then you should have came across the term “backlink” at least once. However if are still clueless what a backlink is, and why they are important, especially “one way backlinks” then for […]

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I believe most website owners and bloggers have RSS feeds to distribute their content to a wider audience. We have all heard of web directories for regular link submission, but do you know that there are many directories specifically developed for promoting your RSS feeds? And the good news is that almost all of them […]

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Online File Sharing Reloaded

11Apr2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Blogging, Software & Technology

Online file sharing is undoubtedly one of the most convenient ways to get large files across to your friends and the people who need them. Email attachments have a 20MB limit (Gmail) and that’s surely not enough, unless you split the files up and send them one at a time, but what a hassle! I […]

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What is Digg and how does it affect me?

4Apr2008 Filed under: Blogging

In a nutshell, Digg is a social bookmarking website, with a twist. It’s a place to share stuff which you have found online with others, and to discover what other’s have Dugg. Everything and anything can be Dugg (except those which are NFSW) so long as it is submitted. So how does this affect us? […]

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I am sure most of you want to design and create your very own WordPress theme, but believe me it isn’t easy and fast to create one, especially from scratch. It would be easier if you just wanted to modify from an existing theme which you think looks close to what you want, but this […]

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Why LiewCF is a successful problogger in Malaysia?

11Mar2008 Filed under: Blogging

If I’m not mistaken, LiewCF began his entrepreneurial Malaysia problogger journey back in 2005. He celebrated his first anniversary as a Malaysia problogger back in September 2006. But, before becoming a problogger in Malaysia many actually doubted someone of his achievements would make it. I didn’t personally meet LiewCF but have been reading his blog […]

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Last time, we looked at how to use a free software to search for dofollow blogs, I believe this software has helped you tremendously in your link building campaign. If you still have doubt on that, I seriously recommend you to give it a try by downloading and using it today… you have really nothing […]

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There are a few things you just have to do if you want to promote your blog and have regular readers. First and most importantly is of course you need to write good content which other people will find interest in reading. With that done, you will of course publish your link in social bookmarking […]

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How to turn WordPress into a CMS website

29Feb2008 Filed under: Blogging, Tips and Tricks

These days there are so many web design companies in Malaysia, and thus the competition between them have really make life difficult for web designers. Even students and freelance web designers and programmers are in the game to make quick money. The price of designing and building a website become more and more competitive. Clients, […]

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