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If you are an avid blogger, most likely you started off on an amateur basis with free services like Blogger and over time acquired a large number of following and have decided that maybe it’s time for you strike off into your own domain and get instead of Well, that may be a […]

With Diversity been crowned as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent, followed by Susan Boyle at second place, and Julian Smith at third, it marked the end of another outstanding talent show. The winners are chosen based on votes from the pubic viewers, and the winning team not only rewarded with £100000 GBP but also […]

Google PR5 Technology Blog

7Apr2009 Filed under: Blogging

Google updated our website PageRank again! Have you noticed any difference to your website or blog’s PageRank? Hope yours is doing just fine. 🙂 I am glad to announce that now has a Google PageRank of 5. Haha… I am not really surprised to see this improvement as I have been putting some effort […]

Blogging & Law Conference

11Mar2009 Filed under: Blogging

Anyone can start a blog. And if you do, you can also get sued and even worse spend a few months in jail, as we have seen in the case of Raja Petra Kamarudin of MalaysiaToday. As a blogger, how well do you know your legal rights? Malaysia Law Portal has organized a Law […]

Real Estate WordPress Theme

17Oct2008 Filed under: Blogging, Wordpress themes

This WordPress theme looks so perfectly good, but worry not, it isn’t a premium theme which you have to buy to use it. Instead, I am releasing this WordPress theme for free, under the open source GPL license. That’s a sneak peek at how the homepage of the blog is going to look like. The […]

Sergey Brin appears to have started a blog recently on Google’s Blogger (of course). It’s called “too” and located at If you are like many others ask, “What kind of a blog name is TOO?”, well Sergey has expected this and explains in the first post: While Google is a play on googol, too […]

I have recently updated our Colorful WordPress Theme. It now features a larger page width so that you can display more content without the need to scroll down. I also realize that more and more users are using higher resolution and wider screens. The vertical scrolling frame has been removed and everything appears in a […]

Explode your blog traffic with EntreCard

16Sep2008 Filed under: Blogging, Tips and Tricks

Entrecard is an advertising exchange network for bloggers where you could boost your blog’s traffic using 125×125 banners. This is may sound like any ordinary banner exchange network but the important thing is it’s tailor for bloggers and it works like a charm! Entrecard is started at around November this year by Graham Langdon, a […]

If you’ve been surfing the web for a few hours, you’ve most likely heard of “blogs” or weblogs. But, what are blogs? A blog is a diary or journal on the Internet where the writer or more known as the “blogger” will write his/her views on a wide variety of subjects such as politics, news, […]

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WordPress is a very powerful content management system, which is specifically designed as a blogging platform. You can use WordPress as what it’s designed for, a blog, or customize it into a full fledge CMS website with the help of nothing but freely available plugins. However what’s more common is perhaps you are installing WordPress […]

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