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It seems like just a few days after launching their new version, Maybank2u has perhaps realized the new version is more difficult for its users to use, and has thus reverted to the classic version. I thought this sort of thing should not have happened, they should have done enough user experience and system testing […]

If you have got a long string of text to drop on your blog, in Twitter, or any other chat program that cannot accept long text, then you should check out TinyPaste. Like TinyURL, TinyPaste simply takes in long strings of text and converts them to short URLs, which, when clicked, bring up the original […]

As ISPs scramble to block P2P access and throttle torrent connections, many are finding out the frustration of watching their download speeds slow to a crawl, fully realizing that their connections are capable of going so much faster! In the past, there are ways around this, such as using TorrentFlux to bypass the ISP throttle. […]

Sergey Brin appears to have started a blog recently on Google’s Blogger (of course). It’s called “too” and located at If you are like many others ask, “What kind of a blog name is TOO?”, well Sergey has expected this and explains in the first post: While Google is a play on googol, too […]

Fake Name Generator

10Jul2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet

You are on a Top Secret Government Mission tonight. Your action will be your responsibility, if you get caught, the country will disregard you and you will be completely on your own. All the necessary equipments are ready, and soon you’ll be on your way. But alas, they forgot to give you a new identity! […]

The concept has been around for decades now, in fact ever since the very birth of the Internet itself. One day online web services would take over from OS-bound conventional desktop software and we would have access to all our data from anywhere and at anytime. As of yet no application has successfully bridged the […]

Mozilla has officially announced the release date for the latest and greatest edition of their popular Firefox browser. June 17th, 2008 is the official Firefox Download Day. To make things more interesting than a typical software release, Mozilla is attempting to organize a Guinness World Record Breaking attempt for the most software downloads in 24 […]

Plurk, more than hype?

12Jun2008 Filed under: Best of the Internet

I was initially a little hesitant to write about a post about Plurk. I prefer to review only the best and most useful services, not simply whatever new startup appears on TechCrunch a while ago. However I’ve only been using Plurk for a couple of days and I’m completely converted, in fact over the last […]

How do you broadcast live streaming video on your own website, such as live video from your webcam? The answer is very simple, make use of lets anyone with a webcam or a similar video capturing gear and some guts to put together a live video on the web. The video can be […]

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I am sure many of you would be delighted to know that there is a search engine that specializes on free stock photos and images. Yes, is a photo search engine which has indexed millions of freely licensed photos from many photography sources on the Internet. This basically means you can search photos gathered […]

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