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This pretty cool website allows you to run a blind test on the three major search engines at the moment, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft’s Bing!. Now, search results have always been a very tight competition between tech companies as it is probably the main website that people visit and being ‘famous’ for providing consistent and […]

In an exciting but anticipated announcement, Google has recently unveiled their intention to create a new operating system based on the Google Chrome web browser which seeks to rethink the way an OS is supposed to work. Chrome Web Browser Chrome was a successful web browser that is written from scratch to have a focus […]

Much have been written and said about the use of bookmarklets as a nifty and fast way of achieving specific things with your browser without the unnecessary need to install extensions that increase browser bloat and takes up a lot of memory to run, even though you are only using them 10% of the time. […]

You’ve heard it right! StumbleUpon is now launching a URL-shortener service, SU.PR (=SUPER). Having discussed heavily about various URL shortener services lately, it’s impressive that StumbleUpon has finally up its game in competing with DiggBar. Also, some believe that the new SU.PR will raise a strong competition against the all time favourite –, the […]

Facebook is going to write its history exactly at 12:01 am (ETD), 13th June as it allows ALL users to have their custom URLs. In case you’re not a Facebook user, or haven’t noticed, all these whiles only the big names like Coca-Cola, NBA, Ashton Kutcher etc and Facebook staffs get to have their usernames […]

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How often have you run into the problem where you just need a single file from a zip file hosted online, and have to download the entire archive just to access that single file? Wouldn’t it be easier if we could download just that portion of the file we need? Well, a solution has finally […]

There are many different sites out there that all aim to do one simple thing: converting a long URL into a shorter one. But why would you want to do something like this? I don’t really understand it myself, but in theory, services such as, ShortURL, Is.Gd and others take in a standard URL […]

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Multifunctional Twitter Toolbar

22May2009 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Social Media

Twitter Toolbar is a handy application for Twitter users to connect and share their findings with their Twitter peers. For those who constantly log in to Twitter to manage their conversations, the process could be cumbersome at times. How would you like to have Twitter Toolbar installed on your browser instead, while having to explore […]

Scoopler real time search engine

13May2009 Filed under: Best of the Internet, Search Engine

Dying to know the latest scoop online? Here comes Scoopler! Scoopler is a real time search engine created by AJ Asver and Dilan Jayawardane. Yes, you heard it right – real-time! The main factor that got everybody into Twitter frenzy lately. Scoopler gathers all the real-time results from the web, and presents you the most […]

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Polaris is a desktop application, which pulls data from your Google Analytics account and displays them in a simple, clean interface giving you quick access to all your stats in an aesthetically pleasing interface. Granted, the data displayed can always be found just by logging on to Google’s website, but this method allows you to […]

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