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Downloading files from the Internet is obviously nothing new, in this digital age. Video, audio, text and images can all be uploaded and downloaded as long as one is connected to the web. Putting a twist on this, The Pirate Bay (torrent and magnet link host) has put up a new category known as ‘Physibles’ […]

Many critics have poured heaps of vile and vitriol on Apple when rumblings that they are resisting the use of Flash on their mobile iPhone OS system. For years now, the battle between Adobe and Apple raged on with Adobe playing the role of the ‘good guy’ and preaching to Apple to allow Flash to […]

Welcome to the world of smartphones. These devices are ubiquitous and have started to infiltrate even the older generation who often find technology to be rather daunting. The iPhone and Blackberry revolution has even this bunch converted to Facebooking and Twittering. However, the reason why I bought a smartphone is because the large screen allows […]

Just recently, Apple finally peeled away the curtains hiding the next big update to their iPhone OS. The fourth iteration of the feisty platform based on their OSX operating system promises to bring a host of new features for the iPhone and iPod Touch, both of which run the iPhone OS. iPad also runs on […]

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I stumbled upon this great resource that provides an excellent deal for buying books online. It’s called The Book Repository and offers great prices and most importantly, FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING to Malaysia. Double checking the prices between The Book Repository and shows that more often than not, TBR is able to match or even […]

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Massive news over the weekend as hacker prodigy Geohot, who’s claim to fame is being the first hacker to successful break one of the iPhone’s system. Geohot posted this on his website:

For many of us who are reliant of Bit Torrent to access content, significant efforts started by copyright holders have slowly chipped away at the technology and rightfully so as many corporate figures view the technology as a threat to their business model and prefer to follow a raze-and-burn tactic rather than see how to […]

Yahoo! Malaysia recently launched their latest online and offline treasure hunt contest with lots of cool and limited edition Adidas merchandises to be won. If you’re an Adidas maniac or just a sucker for freebies, you might want to give it a go. The rules of the game are that one must seek out a […]

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The phenomenal growth of Facebook and Twitter has made a huge impact on the online communities, and these websites continue to push what is possible in Web 2.0, developing new technologies to deal with interesting new problems posed by having such fast, instant communication possible all the time and also in enhancing the look and […]

In the United States, many organizations don’t take too kindly to your downloading of copyrighted materials without paying the copyright holders some cash. Hence organizations like the RIAA and MPAA have taken many illegal downloaders to court to sue them for infringing copyright. One of the ways that these organizations establish a case against you […]

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