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Mac vs PC vs Linux hilarious video

2Mar2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Fun and funny

Have you seen the awesome and hilarious Mac versus PC parody video created by Gabriel Schwarzer? If you haven’t you can watch it at Mac vs. PC: South Park style. There are too many Mac vs PC videos on the Internet, some of them are not short of creativity, but this little animation from Gabriel […]

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My laptop uses Windows Vista, and frankly it requires some get-used-to when I got it last year. I do not like the strict securities, though I like its improved interface, very sleek and colorful. Leopard is the sixth major release of the Mac OS X operating system for Apple’s Mac line of computers. It’s also […]

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Apple TV is in Malaysia

22Apr2007 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

Apple first introduced the Apple TV last year when it was originally known under the code name “iTV”. Back then, very little information is available about the device except that it was Apple’s first foray into the home living room space. But guess what, now this awesome looking television Apple TV is in Malaysia! I […]

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