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Based on some connect-the-dots theory, Apple might be gearing up to launch a next-gen iPhone/iPod Touch in the not-too-distant future thanks to some industry data on flash memory chips. Last year, around the same time now, Apple placed an order for about 50 million 8GB NAND flash memory chips and many people speculated that the […]

Best Portable Wi-Fi Device

1Apr2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

Today we are going to take a look at two of the available portable Wi-Fi browsing devices out there and see which is better and worthy of your attention and money. iPod Touch This is a device that needs no introduction. It’s small, slim, sexy and packed with enough games and features to make it […]

Steve Wozniak approves Hackintosh

27Mar2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Fun and funny

Matthew Smith caught Steve Wozniak doing some press for Dancing With the Stars. He showed Woz his Dell Mini 9 with OS X Leopard installed on it (and an Apple sticker sloppily applied over the Dell logo) and Woz gladly autographed it! Sourced from Flickr.

iPod Touch 2 Jailbroken and Free

26Mar2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

After about six months since its release, the jailbreak community celebrates another milestone in the fight against Apple tyranny by releasing the first jailbreak solution for the newest iPod Touch, also known as the Touch 2. The saga of the Touch 2’s jailbreak journey is long and exciting. When Apple first announced the device, fans […]

Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Sneak Peek

26Mar2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

The next major upgrade to Apple’s mobile Mac OSX, also called the iPhone OS 3.0 is just around the corner, and Apple has recently released a sneak peek video of all the tasty new stuff that’s going to be made available. The presentation is for developers though, so there is more emphasis on technical info. […]

Latest Apple updates

10Mar2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac

Every now and again, Apple likes to update their product lineup and this has happened rather consistently in 12-month intervals. However, they have been pretty busy lately with the commercial success of the iPhone and iPod Touch that left their desktop products languishing as other computer manufacturers push out newer products. Well, Apple has finally […]

iPhone 3G ad

9Feb2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac

Recently, Apple announced that iPhone applications in App Store has reached a staggering 15,000 applications. This is certainly a huge jump in a very short period of time compared to the previous milestone of 10,000 applications which took up to 4 months to reach! Anyway, let’s check out iPhone’s latest ad. What do you think? […]

The community of hackintoshes, or Macintosh operating systems running on non-standard Apple hardware, has been a vibrant one, albeit silent but that doesn’t mean some of their great achievements should be ignored. Well the latest thing to appear from the hackintosh community is the ability to install Mac OSX Leopard into a diminutive budget netbook […]

Brand New Original Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Unlocked

16Dec2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac

I was surprised to see this ad in, selling Brand New Original Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Unlocked at an unbelievable price of RM1,400. Others are selling at more than RM3,000, this dude is selling it at half of the price! Of course I wanted to get this 3G iPhone at this kind of insane […]

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iPhone coaster set

22Nov2008 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

Check out these great drink coasters, based on those ubiquitous iPhone’s home screen icons. Created by the boys at Brazil’s Meninos design, these coasters is the perfect way to show your true inner geek when having a drink with your friends. These iPhone icon coasters are a great gift for any iPhone addict and iPhone […]

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