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All the months of rumor mongering seems to have paid off. The magical Tablet computer by Apple has been confirmed by Steve Jobs himself and that there will be a ‘special event’ on the 27th of Jan, 2010, where Apple will be announcing some ‘new products’. The iSlate is definitely one of them, but I’m […]

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Apple Tablet Rumors

3Jan2010 Filed under: Apple and Mac

Introducing the new iSlate? iGuide? iScreen? iPad? Brace yourself this 2010, for another outstanding innovation from Apple – the company that has remained true to its witty slogans: Beauty outside, Beast inside; 1,000 songs in your pocket; and 25,000 apps and counting. The Tablet PC is hardly new in the market, but somehow has not […]

Apple iPod event unveils new Touch, Nano

16Nov2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac

The annual Apple iPod event, which was held some times ago (I am so late!) is finally over and the question remains on what are the new products which is getting updated? Genius DJ First off, Steve Jobs is back again after a 6 month hiatus due to illness. His return is great news for […]

Google Android 2.0 smartphone platform

13Nov2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

While many a kind word have been said about Apple’s Jesusphone, the fact remains that for all the gloss and luster, there are some terrible failures stemming from Apple’s own fear of openness and the resulting restrictions that it has imposed on the iPhone platform. How else could you explain the absence of rudimentary features […]

Back in the end of 2007, people were already heavily speculating on an Apple Tablet being worked on that would be the first of its type to come out from Apple but ever since the patent filings for the idea of such a device by Apple, not much have been revealed and indeed two years […]

You have been eying for that MacBook for such a long time but the pricing has put you off? Now is the prefect time to get a MacBook at a discounted price, thanks to the promotion by Singnet. But, only valid this weekend only, so wait no more and hurry up! So, what’s the catch? […]

This is your chance to own a MacBook Aluminium at RM3,999 with MacBook Starter Pack thrown in for FREE. Drop by a Machines store nearby you for more info. The MacBook Aluminium 13″ (MB466ZP/A) features at a glance: 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 160GB Hard Drive 2GB DDR3 SDRAM NVIDIA GeForce 9400M

iPay88 offers FREE Apple iPhone

3Jul2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

Want a free iPhone? Can you believe this? Finally, someone is offering us FREE Apple iPhone! Like what one of the recent comments said about the new iPhone 3GS, I literaly had to use my hands to close my jaws when I saw the promotion on! Without wasting a single second, I called iPay88 […]

Palm Pre the next iPhone killer?

12Jun2009 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Gadgets

In just a few days, rumors are that Apple will be showing off the latest Apple iPhone at WWDC 2009, but Palm has stolen away some of their thunder by releasing what some are hailing as the phone that will save Palm from bankruptcy; the Palm Pre. Not many people may know this but the […]

The Twitter phenomenon continues to bury itself into our lives and the latest Twitterrific 2.0 app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch makes it even more easier for you to waste your time “tweeting” from anywhere. The application is a slick upgrade from the previous Twitterrific and provides a host of new features making […]

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