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We pay for quality articles. If you write well and are passionate about Technology & Gadgets, then please read on.

Our requirements are very simple:

  • You must be a total computer freak who is addicted to computers and the Internet. Spend 20 or more hours a day surfing websites and checking out forums. OK only kidding, hope it does not scare you off 🙂 But you must know a thing or two about tech stuff, be it web design, search engine optimization, photoshop, hardware, software, google, apple, microsoft etc.
  • You must know what is blogging all about, and preferably have a good working knowledge of the WordPress blogging platform.
  • You must be able to write regularly on a long-term basis.
  • You must have a good command of the English language. We don’t want too many spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • You stay online as often as possible and you respond to emails fairly quickly.

Questions? Read our simple FAQ:

  • What is the minimum article length?
    Must be at least 150 words.

  • What categories/topics can I write on?
    Should fit into any of the categories on Kongtechnology.com. Right now, we are looking for writers particularly in the categories of web design, photoshop tricks & tutorials, useful web resources or application reviews.

  • Must the article be original?
    Yes, all articles must be new and unique, written with your own words and thoughts. It must not be copied from elsewhere, or have been previously published elsewhere. You may of course get ideas from other places but must make an effort to rewrite the ideas found.

  • Do I need to provide pictures/graphics?
    Not necessarily. But we always prefer blog posts with illustrative pictures in order to tell your story better.

  • Who owns the copyright to the article?
    The content becomes our full copyright permanently and you should not post or sell it elsewhere. However, once you become an author on Kongtechnology.com, your post will have your full credit.

  • How much do you pay per article?
    Basic Articles (150-400 words) – US$5 per article.
    Medium Length (400-800 words) – US$10 per article. These are decent quality articles which are well-thought out, illustrative or helps solve a problem.
    Pillar Articles (800+ words) – US$50 & above per article. These must be high quality articles which are witty, ingenious or highly creative in any way… if you are not sure what this means, just show us a sample of what you have written before in any relevant category and we can tell you.

    (Depending on your quality and reliability, we increase the above rates over time)

  • OK I’m interested. What do I do?
    Write to us and tell us more about yourself. You can also attach samples which you think are suitable for Kongtechnology.com.

    Then once we ask you to write your first article, if we accepted it, you are usually good for the second article and so on. Once we are comfortable with your work (usually that happens after the third or fourth articles), we will make you an author of the blog and you can just login and post at your convenience. Your blog posts will have your full credit!

  • Do you pay Bonus for good articles?
    Absolutely! For popular articles (such as articles that get a lot of digs), we will pay you additional US$10 to US$50 at our discretion. If your article makes it to the homepage of digg.com, we pay you US$150.

  • How and when do you pay us?
    We pay within the 1st week of every month via Maybank bank account, or via Paypal.

More questions? Write to us.

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