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Biometric scanners are becoming prevalent in our everyday lives. With current implementations such as facial recognition and the all time favourite fingerprint scan, it’s a small wonder biometric scans are now to be used at ATMs in Japan.

Starting September of this year, Japan’s Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will be putting in these new ATMs, developed by Fujitsu, at 10 branches, a drive-through ATM and two mobile banks. Customer authentication with the machines only require their palm print, birthdate and four-digit PIN, with no cards required.

Users who want to use the service will have to register their biometric data at a bank branch. The ATMs will be usable to withdraw cash and conduct other transactions without requiring a card.

There are danges that come with the use of ATM cards, with criminals installing card skimmers that allow them to duplicate your card without you even knowing it.

Current ATMs that require biometric data as additional security features, compares the data read on the machine to the data stored on the cards. This means that ATM cards are still required for any transaction made at the machine. Lose your card, and you will lose access to your cash, via ATMs anyway.

Cardless ATMs are able to provide to customer convenience, and the system was developed in response to the people who lost their cards and personal identification in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, being rendered unable to access their accounts.

Personally, I believe cardless ATMs are the way to go, in this era. I, for one, have a bad habit of leaving my wallet at home, and heading out without cash or card on hand, so this type of ATM is perfect for my convenience. I hope to see these ATMs being implemented all over the word in the next few years.