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When one thinks of Epson, what comes to mind usually would obviously be printers and projection machines. Watches are not associated with Epson, but with the imminent release of their latest gadget, we may yet think of the company in a different light.

Weighty watches are usually not the main choice of people who jog or work out, as they are cumbersome to the user. GPS enabled watches are also helpful to those who travel and go camping, so as not to get lost in their travels.

The world’s lightest GPS watch would be the perfect companion for those who are in need of a portable GPS. Epson’s GPS watch is said to be even lighter than watches from the famed GPS watches from Garmin. The Epson watches measures in at only a thin 13mm and 50 grams. Now that’s a light watch!

Epson has gone the extra mile in order to shave off any extra weight, including to develop a brand new GPS module. What’s better is that with this new GPS module, the company promises higher accuracy and even longer battery life. That’s one way to beat off the competitors.

So far, nothing is set in stone for the new gadget, as even the image of the watch is still in conception. As far as pricing and availability goes, that’s still some way in the future. What is promised by the company is that the watch will be released sometime this year, and it is supposed to provide at least 12 hours of GPS tracking on one single charge. It also comes with other fitness features for people who are getting it as a workout watch.

This is interesting news to me, because I would never have thought Epson would suddenly start making watches. Epson is obviously not a company people associate with watches, and I imagine it would sound weird when you tell people you are wearing an Epson watch.