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There are plenty of products that come in spray cans, from food items to paint, fragrances to cheese. There’s nothing unique about the spray can, and pretty much everyone’s used one before.

So putting this convenience with increasing your phone signal, Chamtech Enterprises has unveiled the spray-on antenna at Google’s Solve for X recently.

The developers say that the spray-on antenna is much more portable and energy-efficient than what current technology has on offer. The most impressing part of this product is that it can pretty much turn anything into a makeshift antenna, by painting it onto the object. Just imagin using a tree, part of a wall, maybe even a person as an antenna.

Aspects of the technology has already been patented by the company and has been sold to government customers.

The company is currently planning to make the technology available for the general public. The biggest market by far would probably be mobile phone users, as Rhett Spencer, chief technology officer of Chamtech, says the spray-on antenna can be applied to cell phones to make them operate 10% more efficiently.

Maybe this is the solution iPhone and smartphone users have been looking for who have any antenna problems.

Of course, the spray-on technology would be more energy efficient, as regular antennas require an external power source. As for how it actually works, the company says that it uses organic elements and manipulates them in order to create different kinds of magnetic and radio-frequency fields. Spray the material on pretty much any surface, connect a cable with a flexible circuit and you have your makeshift antenna.

I never knew I wanted a spray-on antenna until it existed. There will never be complaints of bad signal ever again, if the technology lives up to its name.