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Gadgets are now part and parcel of our lives, especially with portable devices that we are becoming more and more dependent upon. With laptops, smartphones, tablets and cameras are carried around by almost anyone. As single devices however, they function well, but is your smartphone able to allow you the accessibility of a laptop? Or can your tablet take pictures as well as your digital camera?

Chances are, probably not. This is why Fujitsu has come up with this conceptual device, called the Lifebook, which is supposed to integrate all these portable devices into one laptop.

Prashant Chandra of Yanko Design is responsible for the design of the Lifebook, which said to run on the concept of “Shared Hardware”. The whole idea is to lessen the need for duplicate data, stored in separated devices. The processor on your tablet could help run your laptop, and the storage on another device can be used on the laptop.

With the integration of separate devices, the aim is to have the maximum potential from each gadget and avoid wastage, be it in processing, or memory, or even functionality.

The conceptual device has a detachable camera, a tablet used as a keyboard when attached to the laptop, and also a smartphone, as the main processor and storage of the laptop. All these gadgets are able to function together, as well as be removed and used as individual devices.

Developers claim a 2013 release, and details are still under wraps.

I think this is the perfect gadget for anyone, particularly those often on the move. I just hope that the developers are able to fully integrate all these devices and make them work together well enough as they have promised. This is truly the next generation in mobile devices!