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There have been many ways people have tried to add the sense of smell to what we see and hear through the TV or monitor. Imagine being able to smell a field of lavender, or that delicious steak being prepared. Perhaps to some it might sound like a bad idea, but maybe it’s just able to add another dimension to those who are Googling scents of flowers on the Internet.

Olly, the web-connected robot that’s able to emit smells to whatever input it gets from the net, might just be the solution to the problem.

The robot is the brainchild of Tim Pryde and the bunch behind Don-8r (the robot that collects change and helps raise money for charity).

Olly works by taking services on the Internet and delivers their pings as smell. Hook it up to whatever you like, like a tweet, or a news update, and Olly will deliver a smell to let you know about it.

Smells are changeable by the user, and can be easily filled with whatever you like, be it essential oils, fruit or perfume. The casing of the robot is also customisable to the user’s liking, as instructions will be available to users who wish to build Olly, with a 3D printer and some other nick nacks.

Users are encouraged to build a few of these robots, assign each a different smell, and hook each one up to a different service.

This is a pretty interesting idea, adding smell to the Internet. I can see it going two ways, it might get a little overwhelming with all the smells generated. Although it could also be a good thing, imagine a tweet smelling like roses. That would be fun!