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Learning a new instrument is always a challenge to learn finger movements and such, but now, with the PossessedHand, an electric finger stimulator that makes your fingers move without any input from your brain.

The scientists of Tokyo University’s Rekimoto Lab, masterminds behind the invention, developed the device in conjunction with Sony Computer Science Laboratories. The device consists of a pair of wrist bands that deliver electric stimuli via 28 electrode pads directly to the muscles that control your fingers, instead relying on stimuli from your brain, hence the ‘possession’ of your hand by the device. The device can control the motion of at least 16 joints or your hand.

Check out a video of the device here.

The project started out as a learning tool for people who wanted to play musical instruments, but perhaps use can be extended to helping stroke patients regain muscle control. For now, the project seems to be solely focused on the human hand, but what if it was extended to other extremities, I wonder if it would be able to help paralysed victims regain some use of their limbs again.

Imagine learning an instrument with this device. Although it’s not really a full possession of your hand, I’m not too happy with the idea of a computer ‘taking over’ my hands, so I don’t think I want to use it.