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Time for a little architectual geekery this week, with the world’s first proper zombie-proof house.

Anyone who’s ever watched a decent zombie movie (28 Days Later, anyone?) or played one of those nightmare-inducing zombie games (say, Left 4 Dead), will want this zombie-proof house as their humble abode.

Designers KWK Promes has dubbed the design “The Safe House”, and true to its name, it does seem to be as impenetrable as it sounds. Both to the members of the undead who are out to eat you and also to the living, it seems.

“The most essential item for our clients was acquiring the feeling of maximum security,” states the designers’ website as a summary of the structure. Judging by its design to be able to fold up into itself, by having huge slabs of concrete covering its windows and enterances, I think that the chances of evading a zombie outbreak to be quite high.

The structure has movable walls and its only entrance is located on the second floor. The only way to enter is through a drawbridge. Sounds like the perfect house for defending yourself and your family against the undead, while being able to lavish in this piece of architectural wonder.

Personally I probably wouldn’t be able to afford such a wonder myself, but the design of it does sound like it would work against an army of the undead. Hypothetically speaking, if the undead ever rise, of course.