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Kinect hacks are aplenty out there, and there are many strange and wonderful things that people have come up with to make the virtual and real world a much more interactive place.

This little do it yourself is sure to be a favourite amongst Lord of the Rings fans. The ‘hack’ allows for one to create a giant eyeball that can track you as you move in front of it.

The Technology Studio in the UK are the minds behind this little idea. Not only have they done just an ordinary eyeball, they have responded to the fans’ request and did a rather creepy rendition of the Eye of Sauron, that spews quotes from the movie one after another at you.

All you need is a PC, a Microsoft Kinect and a Puffersphere (that’s a spherical projection display by Pufferfish). The latter of which is certainly not cheap. Nonetheless it does make for an interesting hack.

Unfortunately, because the Kinect does not support a full 360 degree coverage, the eyeball cannot track you all the way around the room.

While this particular usage of the Kinect isn’t groundbreaking, it’s certainly fun, and I love seeing all sorts of uses that people have put the Kinect to. Research in the name of fun, I like the sound of that.