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Touchscreens are always fun to play with and they’re definitely a cool element to have with an interactive audience. There have been many forms that the touchscreen has taken on, even as ice, but I think this is one of the coolest (no pun intended) one yet.

The University of Groningen in the Netherlands has taken this concept much further, by converting a 3D theater into a gigantic touchscreen. This thing stands 10 meters by 2.8 meters and are able to detect up to 100 simultaneous touch inputs. It has a curvature of 135 degrees.

View the video here for a demonstration of the screen.

The screen is tracked by 6 Optitrack cameras and consists of 1000 infrared LEDs. The resolution is obviously as massive as the screen itself, boosting 4900 x 1700 pixels. The screen also has 120 Hertz stereo capability and 50 milliseconds of latency.

Imagine what you could do with one of these in your living room! Personally,  I love the concept of gesture interaction (such as the Microsoft Kinect) as well and you can see that this particular touchscreen looks like it is able to detect some form of it as well. Now if someone would size this down into an affordable living room-sized version I would definitely be interested in getting one.