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Touchscreens have graced many a device, and they’re seen almost everywhere today, from kiosks on the street, to the various hand-held devices we use everyday.

Putting a twist to the old formula, Nokia’s research lab in Tampere, Finland has built a touchscreen display out of blocks of ice.

The results of this research project probably won’t find it’s way into a mobile phone, Nokia has come up with this very unique touchscreen display that’s certain to wow the masses. Although it is not entirely made of ice, with external components, such as a projector and an array of near-infrared cameras that are connected to a PC, it’s pretty much just an ice multitouch display.

Nokia says that, though the project is a “playful experiment’, it goes to show that “interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere.”

Check out the video and see for yourselves the results of this interesting interface.

I think this goes to show that touch-surfaces are not limited to a monitor display. It’s certainly fascinating to think of how this can be further developed and applied onto large glass surfaces to make them gigantic touchscreens (a la Minority Report). As for present day applications of this technology, it would certainly be a great addition in the world famous Ice Hotel.