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Here comes another interesting piece of tech from the online design community Quirky; the Contort, which is a USB hub that can manage your drives and cables, all while protecting them.

USB hubs have been around for almost as long as the invention of USB ports themselves, so what sets the Contort apart from the various different kinds of USB hubs that are readily available out in the market?

At first glance, nothing seems too significant with the Quirky Contort, hosting only four ports, but on closer inspection, the Contort also doubles as a cord manager. With the built-in cord management wrap (that hosts 2 anchors), you’ll be able wind your pesky cables up, so that they don’t end up in a messy spaghetti of cords.

The Contort also has a 360-degree flexible rubber neck to protect your USB peripherals from accidental damage. The hub is also super lightweight, measuring only 34mm x 142mm and transports easily, as you can just wrap up your cables and go.

The Quirky Contort is now available for pre-sale at US$29.99 at the Quirky site.

Personally, I can’t wait to see more innovative designs that people come up with on Quirky. It’s certainly an interesting community.