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Facial recognition software certainly is not something new or foreign, but having such a software made publicly available is.

This new program is able to scan a person’s face and then searches the web for all the photographs of that person.

The software, developed by Israel-based, is thought to be accurate 90% of the time and is already in use by some 5000 developers, although they have not disclosed their reasons of use for this software.

The way the program works is by scanning the position of a person’s eyes, nose and mouth and selects images based on those features in the same position. This software basically allows you to search for anyone, anywhere on the web, through any photo, including Flickr images and YouTube videos.

Up until now, similar software has only been available to government organisations (such as the border patrol) or those developing social networks.

Personally, while I do see this as an advancement (i.e. making photo tagging on Facebook that much easier), I also see it making people very uneasy, as some may see this as a gross invasion of privacy.

What do you think? Should there be laws set up about this kind of thing, or is it up to the onus of the users?