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Blurring the line between video games and reality is certainly nothing new, with the Roomba Pacman and the 6-string Guitar Controller, so it might not come as such a surprise that someone has brought this racing game to life.

German designer Malte Jehmlich and company created this real-life rendition of Wipeout with just a webcam, an R/C car and a race-track made of cardboard.

The speed mimics the PlayStation original due to the scale speed of the 1/28 model R/C car. Controlling of the game is done through an arcade racing cabinet that comes complete with a stearing wheel and an on screen display that is wirelessly connected to an Arduino board. The idea started out as a 2 month hobby project and it is now being worked towards an advanced version. The designers are planning to build sensors right into the track to allow for force feedback and powerups.

Sounds like an amazing plan. I wonder it could be expanded to create a new form of gaming or will it stay as a novelty item? Even if it did stay as a novelty, I would love to try playing it!

Watch the video and see for yourself this twist of a racing game.

Watch the RACER DEMO video game mashup in Vimeo