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With the popularity of the iPhone that hasn’t seemed to have died down yet, surely you need something to single yours out from the rest. Here are some creatively designed iPhone cases that certainly stands out. Not only are some of these creative, they turn form into function as with the relief case for the blind. Check out the list.

Silicon Touch

This case works in tandem with a custom app and was designed to be used by the visually impared, with the bas-relief buttons of the case that corresponds to a modifed home screen of the iPhone.

Wooden iPhone cases

I love the natural look and feel of wooden cases as with the iWood cobra , and Substrata’s cases.

Card Holder/Wallet

Here’s a creative yet practical idea that both protects your iPhone and also holds your credit cards at the same time. It’s also eco-friendly as it’s made of recycled plastic.


With this interesting case, you can disguise your iPhone as a hardrive. Pretty sneaky if you ask me, though I’m not sure if anyone’s going to fall for it.

Owl Case

A cute owl case that has been beautifull hand-crafted. I just love the details in every stitch.

Chocoo’s Cute Cases

And a treat for the girls, here’s a whole line of cute cases decorated with cakes, hearts and rhinestones. These are just beautiful, but their prices are pretty steep.

Felted Bacon iPhone Case

Here’s an idea, an iPhone Case made to look like bacon. Mmm, scrumptious.

Factron’s Quattro

An amazing steampunk case from Factron, the Quattro is even designed to hold a fish-eye/macro lens for some interesting pictures.

Which are your favourites and what other creative designs for iPhone cases have you seen?