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The latest news has it that Microsoft has released a new update that attempts to detect any signs that the software’s activation systems have been compromised, either via the popular RemoveWAT 2.0 crack or the older BIOS modification hack. The new update is designed to discover these illegal attempts at activating Windows 7 and then proceed to do a series of changes to the user’s system.

Part of the changes will be that the background will now be black and Windows will prompt you to ‘inform’ you that you have been a victim of software piracy. The system will also restart every 2 hours until you give in an buy a real copy of Windows 7.

The authors of RemoveWAT immediately released a new version of their popular tool, updating it to version 2.2.5 and this version reportedly works on systems that have installed Microsoft’s update by accident. If you’ve already updated, this new tool should work on your system and reactivate it once again, without any ill side effects.

It’s somewhat strange to see the world’s largest software company defeated by a small 6mb file. The game of cat and mouse continues between Microsoft and the legion of pirates out there bent on removing activation technologies in Windows 7.